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Jenson Button 2014 SalaryJenson Button Net Worth : $50 Millions
Formula 1 Salary: $21 million A year
Yearly Income: $22 million
Enodorsements: $500,000
Major Brands:  Tag Heuer, Head & Shoulders, Rayban
Sport: Formula 1 (Car Racing)
: 33
Forbes Highest paid sportsmen List: 70th

Jenson Button is 3rd highest paid driver in the Formula 1 and quite interestingly his current contract with McLaren pays him more money than german 4 time formula 1 champions Sebastian Vettel who drivers from Red Bull. Only Fernando Alonso and british driver Lewis Hamilton makes more money than Jenson Button. Jenson button was 2009 Formula 1 Champion with Brawn GP and his new contract with McLaren Mercedez earns him 16 Million euros a year. Lets take a look how he spend his money.

Jenson Button McLaren F1 Yearly Salary & Contract:

2014 Contract Extension:

Jenson button signed fro McLaren F1 team back in 2011 and he renewed his contract for another year which will keep him with the team till the end of 2014 with the option of 1 year extension if both parties agree. under the previous contract he was paid 16 Million euros as retainer fee/yearly salary and the details of new contract are not revealed yet.


Jenson Button Cars Collection:

Formula 1 drivers usualy has superb collection of high end cars and button is not different. He has some of the finest cars in his garage and we take a look at his babies, modesl and how much it cost him.

  • Button’s 1978 Ferrari 512BB:

Jenson button has a retro ferrari of 1976 model and here is the picture of this beauty.

  • Button’s Mercedes-Benz C-Class DR 520

Another high end family car, come from Mercedez and this is a Mercedes-Benz C-Class DR 520 which he bought in 2010.

  • Jenson Button’s Bugatti Veyron

In the past Button had the most expensive and fastest car in the world, Bugatti Veyron which he sold (auctioned) for £899,995

  • Button’s Nissan GT-R

Back in 2009 Button bought Nissan GT-R for £65,000 but sold it a year later for just £50,000

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