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Sports have been evolving so much in the recent years, huge sums of money has been invested in different sports, than we have these commersial success for teams and players across the globe. But which events in the world pays the most money to players or teams ? Is it Major golf events or Team games of football, rugby NBA or ICE Hockey ? well lets take a look at the top 10 list of Richest Sports events.


No  Event Category  Winnings
1 UEFA Champions League  Soccer $65M
2 FIFA World Cup Soccer $31M
3 UEFA Euro Championship Soccer $29M
4 World Series (MLB) Baseball $19M
5 UEFA Europa League Soccer $12M
6 Super Bowl (NFL) American Football $11M
7 FedEx Cup Golf $10M
8 World Series Pokar Pokar $8.5M
9 Dubai World Cup Horse Racing $6M
10 FIFA Club World Cup Soccer $5M


UEFA Champions League richest event in world1. UEFA Champions League Football
By far the biggest and most watch yearly soccer event across the globe, 32 Best Club teams from europe take part in what is one of the longest running knockout events, starting in September every year and the final is in May next year. Bayern munich beat Borussia Dortmund to win UEFA CHampions League this season and with that bagged around $65 Millions in winnings.

Richest sports event FIFA World Cup 2. FIFA World Cup
Now that is the biggest event on earth, most watched, closely followed happens every 4 years as 32 Football National teams take part in FIFA World Cup event, last time Spain won it in South Africa and with that came around $31 Millions while next year FIFA World Cup will be in Brazil.

Richest sports events UEFA Euro3. UEFA Euro Championship
EUropean Championship, is the europe continents premier national football tournament and it happens every 4 years as well, Spain won two back to back Euros while next compition will be in 2016. Winner of UEFE Euro bags around $30M.

World Series Logo4. World Series
This is a seven may playoff series between winners of American League team vs National League winners, happens every year and the winner is decided by the best of 7 playoffs and the team which wins the series gets commissioners trophy as well as $19 Million and the individual players makes around $377,000 each, The World Series in 2012 was won by the San Francisco Giants, who clean sweep 4-0 against Detroit Tigers.

UEFA Europa League logo5. UEFA Europa League
A second string European club event, where teams which finish outside the Champions League places in their domestic leagues take part, This year Chelsea won the competition and they made it around $12 million, Europa League is second fiddle to Champions League and most of the big clubs avoid playing in this event, but still it ranks at 5th in the highest paying event in the world.

Super bowl logo6. Super Bowl
In one of the best revenue-sharing plan in sports league around the world, NFL teams share the revenue generated by the event but the super bowl winners gets around $11 million every year. Last it Baltimore Ravens beat San Francisco 49ers and each player made around $172,000.

Fedex logo7. FedeXcup
A Golf event orgnized by shipping company FedEx pays the most in this sports category, players like Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh has won this event in the past, last year however Brandt Snedeker won it and get around $11Million.

World series of pokar logo8. World Series of Pokar
Yes we have to categorise it as sport, World Series of pokar dont need any physical strenght or practice its a mind game and it pays alot, last year’s winner baged $8.5 million who is a college dropout.

Dubai world cup horse racing logo9. Dubai World Cup
Emirates racing authority orgnized the worlds highest paying horse racing event at Meydan Racecourse in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It pays the winner around $6 million and it takes just over 2 minutes to win this amount of money.

FIFA Club World cup richest event10. FIFA Club World Cup
Another soccer competition now becoming a very frequent in the last decade, here winners of their CHampions League and and equalent from other parts of the world go head to head and it pays around $5 Million to the winner.

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