Top 10 Richest Skateboarders In the World 2014

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highest paid skateboarders 2014

Skateboarding is not your usual sport everyone follow, its is for twisted mind teen agers and over the years one name comes to mind when we talk about Tony Hawk who is easily the face of Skateboarding not only in USA but around the world as well. You might not know but Skateboarding competitions pay alot and there are huge endorsement deals which follows the successfull skaters so lets take a look at top 10 highest paid and richest skateboarders of all times.

 NO.# Skaterboarder Age Country Net Worth Source
1 Tony Hawk Net WorthTony Hawk  45 USA $120m Endorsements
2 Stavros Niarchos III net worthStavros Niarchos III  29 USA(Greece) $100m Family Wealth
3 Rodney Mullen net worthRodney Mullen  47 USA $30m Endorsments
4 Ryan Sheckler net worthRyan Sheckler  24 USA $16m MTV Show
5 Chad Muska net worthChad Muska 36 USA $16m Endorsements
6 Rob Dyrdek net worthRob Dyrdek  39 USA $15m TV Prroducer
7 Tony Alva net worthTony Alva  56 USA $15m
8 Eric Koston net worthEric Koston  38 Thailand $15m
9 Lance Mountain net worthLance Mountain  49 USA $10m
10 Anthony Mosley net worthAnthony Mosley  $10m


Most of the above guys got most of their money from endorsment deals, tv shows and movies. Tony Hawks net worth is easily more than $100 million, and that mostly came from the massive recognition and endorsement deals came his way. From red bull to games he has a long list of sponsorships deals.

Ryan Sheckler and Rob Dyrdek are the two professional skaters who got more famous by making their on tv shows, both produce shows focused on teens and young people on MTV.

Ryan Sheckler III was a good skateboarder but his $100 million net worth came from his family wealth, He was born to a greek father and his grandfather Ryan Sheckler Sr has one of the biggest shipping business in greece.

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