David Beckham Net Worth – Total Career Earnings Endorsements

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David Beckham Career EarningsDavid Beckham Net Worth – $260 million 

2012-13 Earnings: $47 M (Forbes)
Salary/Winning/Bonuses – $5.2 M
Endorsements Earning: $42 M
Mahor Brands:  Adidas, Coty, H&M, Sainsbury’s, Samsung (Many More)
Sport: Football
: 38
Forbes Richlist:
#8th The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes

David Beckham is not just an footballer but an icon and brand which makes money, sleep money and talk money, Beckham burts on to the scene of football in his teenage years with Manchester United golden generation. Officialy retired from football with his 5 month stint with PSG where he donated all his $5.3 Million salary to kids charity. TOday we look back at his career off the field and see how much money he has made in the last couple of decades.


David Beckham Salaries with Clubs over the years:

1. La Galaxy – $6.5 million A year
(5 year contract total worth $32.5m)

2. La Galaxy – $3 million A year
(1 Year contract extension in 2011)

3. Paris Saint Germain – $5 million A year
(5 month contract)


David Beckham Endorsement Deals:

In 2012-2013 Forbes reported Beckhams offield earnings to stagering $42 Million and thats put him on the 8th number in annual sport richlist of Forbes. Here are some of the Brands beckham endorses or endorsed at some point of his career.

Brands Endorsements Brands Endorsements
Adidas Giorgio Armani
H&M Sharpie
Gillette Yahoo
Motorola Electronic Arts
PepsiCo Samsung Electronics
Walt Disney Burger King
PepsiCo Samsung Electronics
Walt Disney Burger King


David Beckham Homes and Mansions:

#1. Beckingham Palace

David Beckham bought a Georgian style mansion “Beckingham Palace” backi n 1999 for a undisclosed fee and recently he put this up for sale again for undisclosed fee. This Mansion is located in Sawbridgeworth, near to London and it comes with 7 large bedrooms and 7 bathrooms in the big manions of 24 acre estate.

#2. Domaine Saint-Vincent

David Beckham bought a Mansion in France in 2003 which at that time worth little over £2 million, and this home is located around Village of Bargemon. This house was also put up for sale couple of years after its purchase.


#3. Spanish villa

When Beckham family moved to madrid after the completed his transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid, he bought a $6.21 million worth Spanish style villa in Madrid city outskirts.


#4. Beverly Hills Home

Beckham moved to Los Angles in summer 2007, completing his 2nd transfer in his career and this time from Real Madrid to La Galaxy. Beckham bought a massive home in iconic nieghbourhood Beverly Hills and was bought for around $22 million back in 2007. THis house is near to many famous hollywood stars like Tom Cruiz, Katie Holms and Jay Leno.


#5. South London Home

David Beckham also own a james bound style house in South London, It was reportedly bought for more than 20 Million GBP and although Bekhams can buy and live anywehre in the World David Beckham choos to reside in his native London, England. This house comes with a full proof security system, bulleproof windows and high walls and controlled gate.

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