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dale earnhardt jr yearly incomeDale Earnhardt JR Net Worth – $300 million

2012-2013 Earnings- $26 M (Forbes)
Base Salary: $10 M
Winnings: $2.9 M
Endorsements Earning: $13 M
Major Brands: Cheverlot, Nationwide, Wrangler
Sport:  Motor Racing (NASCAR)
: 38

World’s 26 Highest Paid Player (according to Forbes)

Nascar’s highest paid driver and the owner of his own team in the NASCAR sprint cup, Dale Earnhardt was declared the most highest earning driver in this year’s Forbes Edition. His income from 2012-13 is around $26 million while $13 came from sponsorship deals, his base salary is estimated to be around $10 while he also pockets 50% of his team’s winnings which counted from $5.9 in last year making his share to around $2.9 Million. He has a 5 year contract with Hendrick MotoSport which runs untill 2017.


Dale Earnhardt Contract with Hendrick MotoSPort
Dale signed a 5 year contract extension with hendrick motoSport in 2012 which will run out in 2017 and it inculdes a $10 million base salary plus 40 to 50% of teams winnings.

Endorsement Earnings
Dale has couple of pretty big endorsement deals on his side, with sponsorship with Chvrolet, Wrangler and Nationwide he pockets more than $10 million year off the track which is pretty cool for a Nascar driver. He is 26th in the list of highest paid athletes in the world according to Forbes.

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