Wes Welker Doesn’t Plan To Retire After Third Concussion In 11 Months

by Michael Drahota | Posted on Monday, August 25th, 2014 | 0


Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker was unfortunately forced out of Saturday night’s (August 23, 2014) Week 3 preseason game after a late second quarter hit from Texans safety D.J. Swearinger rattled his bell and left him with a concussion.

It was an extremely unfortunate finding for Welker, who suffered his third concussion in the span of 11 months. The NFL is focused on detecting and treating head injuries in an effort to prevent players from suffering adverse effects later on in life, so players who undergo repeated trauma are often forced to take a step back and decide if their health is worth risking in order to play football.

However, Welker is a gritty player, a consummate pro who never gives up. While that may hinder him in this situation, he’s reportedly set on returning to the field. Earlier today, ESPN’s Jeff Legwold reported that he had spoken with Denver coach John Fox, and Welker did not even bring up the topic of retirement:

With Welker deciding to return, it’s far from known if and when he’ll be able to return to the field. He’ll understandably undergo a litany of tests to determine if he is healthy enough to resume playing.

Many believe he should hang up his pads and ride off into the sunset while still healthy enough to enjoy the rest of his life with his family. But true to form, Welker will most likely go out on his shield.

In the meantime, free agent signee Emmanuel Sanders will assume Welker’s role as Denver’s No. 2 wide receiver.

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