Top 10 teams in NFL (Power ranking)

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  1. Team : Seahawks

Record              : 12 wins – 4 Defeats

At 1974thestablished NFL team Seahawks is the top of the power ranking as per 8th May published list. They are the 1 time league championship winner at 2013 on Super Bowl championships (XLVIII).3 times Conference championships title winner have 9 Division championships title. Last title of both tournament had come on 2014.

  1. Team : Patriots

Record             : 12 wins –4 Defeats

Have 4 League title for Patriots and last have come on last year 2014. 17 Division Championship holder have 8 Conference championships title. Currently they are in the 2nd at NFL Power Ranking.This year they have 12 wins and 4 defeats.

  1. Team : Packers

Record             : 12 wins – 4 Defeats

1919 established NFL team is currently in joint 3rd in Power Ranking standing. So far they have 13 League Championship title with 11 NFL Championship. Also have 9 Conference championships title of Packers.

  1. Team : Broncos

Record             : 12 wins – 4 Defeats

Broncos also have 12 wins and 4 defeats so far this season and that make them 4th in the table so far, in this 55 years NFL history had to play 21 play off and they have 2 League championship last was at 1998. Also with 7 Conference championships title they have 14 Division championships title.

  1. Team : Colts

Record             : 11 wins – 5 defeats

So far in 16 matches have 11 wins and 5 defeats and that makes them 5th in the power ranking list so far. They have played at NFL since 1953 and so far Colts have won 5 league championship in their 3 is in NFL and 2 are in Super Bowl. 27 times playoff appearances club have 16 Division championships title. And they are the defending champion of AFC South.

  1. Team : Cowboys

Record             : 12 wins – 4 Defeats

Dallas Cowboys in the 6th at the least so far in the season. Playing since 1970 at NFL and have 5 League Championship title which comes first at their very second year after debut at 1971. And they are the Divisional champion from NFC East last year.The defending champion of NFC east have 10 Conference championship title.

  1. Team : Ravens

Record             : 10 wins – 6defeats

After 16 match of the season Baltimore Ravens have 10 wins and 6 defeats so far. They was started their NFL tour at 1996 and so far they have 2 League Championship title and 2 Conference championship title.

  1. Team : Cardinals

Record             : 11-5

In the 8th of the list is, one of the most oldest club in NFL tournament are Cardinals they are appearance at NFL since 1892 and have 11 World series title with 19 NL Pennants and 9 Central Division titles in Major League titles. This season with 11 wins and 5 defeats they are in the 8th on the list of Power Ranking.

  1. Team : Steelers

Record             : 11-5

Also 82 years old club Steelers was played their debut NFL tournament at 1933 and so far have 6 League title and all are in Super Bowl Championship. They have also 8 Conference championship title with 21 Division Championship.

  1. Team : Bengals

Record             : 10-5-1

At the 10th of the list is going to Bengals for their 10 wins and 5 defeats, also have a drawn. 47 years old age clubs have no League Championship title but they are 2 times Conference championship winner and have 8 division championship title.Bengals’ last Conference championship title was comes at 1988.

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