Top 10 Richest NFL team owners

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  1. Paul Allen (Sealttle Seahaeks) – Worth 17.6 Billion

Team: Sealttle Seahaeks

The co- founder and owner of NFL team Sealttle Seahaeksand Portland Trail Blazers of NBA’s, Paul Allen is right now on the top of the list. His net worth is 17.6 billion up to May 2015. He is also the part-owner of Major League Soccer’s team Seattle Sounders FC. On 1996, Paul Allen purchased NFL team Sealttle Seahaeks from the former owner Ken Behring. His team of NFL was valued at 1.33 as per Forbes on August 2014. So far, under the Allen, his team Sealttle Seahaeks have won 3 NFC Championship (2014, 2013, and 2005)

  1. Stephen M. Ross – Net Worth 6.5 Billion

Team: Miami Dolphins

This man is ganaraly known as US real estate industry. His net worth since May 2015 are 6.5 Billion and he is the 95% owner of NFT team Miami Dolphins. Last year he have bought 50% ownership of Miami Dolphins. The valued of Miami Dolphins were 1.1 billion and today it is worth 1.3 billion.

Top 10 Richest NFL team owners

  1. Stan Kroenke – Net Worth $6.3 Billion (May 2015)

Team: St. Louis Rams

Firstly Kroenke was the part owner with 40% ownership in the middle of 1995. At 2000 he become the full owner of NFL team St. Louis Rams. Stan Kroenke is the founder and Chairman of THF Reality, it is a shopping center developer with retail space in 20 million square feet.

  1. Shahid Khan – Net worth $4.5 Billion (May 2015)

Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

Pakistan born Sahid Khan is the owner of NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars. His net worth is 4.5 billion since 2015 according to Forbes and become the 4th richest in the list of NFL team owners. At the beginning his NFL team was valued at $965 million after few years that he bought his team with $770 million.

  1. Robert Kraft – Net worth $4.3 Billion (May 2015)

Team: New England Patriots

This man have born at June 5, 1941 and become the NFL team New England Patriots owner at 1995, when it was valued at $172 million. So far he have won 3 Super Bowl title and it became makes his team valuation of $2.6 Billion since in 2014. This is also the record franchise valuation in one year at NFL season.

  1. Jerry Jones – Net worth $4.2 Billion (May 2015)

Team: Dallas Cowboys

At the 1989 Jerry Jones was purchased Dallas Cowboys, them it was valued at $150 million and as per the Forbes list it become the value of $3.3 billion. It is be the second most valuable team at sports arena in the world. In 2013 it is valued at $2.3million as well.

  1. Stephen Bisciotti – Net worth $2.7 Billion (May 2015)

Team: Baltimore Ravens

This American and Allegis Group founder had become the NFL team owner at 2004 and his team valued at the purchased time was $600 million and now a days this team’s market value are $1.2 billion

  1. Bob McNair – Net worth $2.4 billion (May 2015)

Team: Houston Texans

78 years old Bob McNair have 78% ownership of NFL team Houston Texas team. The valuation of his percentage are $1.3 billion. This Texans was entered at sports world after sells his power generation company of 1.5 billion at 1999.

  1. Arthur Blank – Net worth 2.4 billion (May 2015)

Team: Atlanta Falcons

The co-founder of Home Depot. Arthur Blank began his sports empire at 2002 with buying NFL team Atlanta Falcons on the 2002 market price $545 million. And at the middle of the NFL season it is become the value of 1.125 billion.

  1. James Irsay – Net worth $1.7 billion (May 2015)

Team: Indianapolis Colts

James Irsay’s father was bought the NFL team Indianapolis Colts at 1972 and he became the owner after his father death at 1997. His teams valued at 2014 was 1.4 billion.

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