Aaron Rodgers Won’t Miss Time With Hamstring Injury

by Michael Drahota | Posted on Monday, October 27th, 2014 | 0

Aaron Rodgers

If there was a turning point in the Green Bay Packers’ 44-23 loss to the New Orleans Saints (watch highlights here) last night (Sun., October 26, 2014), it was undoubtedly the moment that star quarterback Aaron Rodgers came up limping after a third quarter run for a first down.

Although he did rush for a 14-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter, the injury made the usually mobile Rodgers play more of a stationary role in the pocket. The injury sucked the life out of the team, changing the dynamic of the game and allowing New Orleans to pull away.

After the loss, Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke up via the team’s official website to state that the Packers’ style of play obviously changed when Rodgers was injured:

“It definitely affected him. He was limited to playing in the pocket. It’s obvious how we played after.”

Thankfully for the Packers, Rodgers said that he will not miss any time with the ailment and never considered leaving the game:

“I’m not going to miss any time. It was continue playing as long as I could hold up. I felt like I could still go.”

It was clear that Rodgers wasn’t himself; however, it was also clear the Packers defense couldn’t stop Drew Brees and running back Mark Ingram, who had the best game of his career against the Pack’s weak defensive front.

Losing Rodgers may have taken away their momentum, but anytime you allow 44 points, even a quarterback as good as he is will be hard pressed to bring you out of such a hole. Fortunately for the Packers, the team has a Week 9 bye that will give Rodgers an extra week to heal up from what ails him.

The loss to New Orleans shouldn’t take away all of their previous momentum, but Green Bay desperately needs to shore up their entire defense if they want to contend with the best teams in the league come playoff time.

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