Top 10 Broken Leg Injuries In Football in Recent History

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Football is a beautiful game and there is no denying that but sometime the passion, frustration, anger and irresponsibility on football pitch can lead to horrific accident which result into terrible injuries to football players, Football is a tough sport sometime, on a muddy rainy pitch a bad miss timed tackle can end a career in blink of a an eye but what are the worst injures which happend in the recent times on football pitch ?

Here is the list of top 10 horrific injuries mostly in English football but a few from around Europe. [ Please be carefull as there are some graphic images in this article which might disturb you, if you think you can take it than proceed to scroll or better go to some other article. ]

1. Djibril Cisse (Broken Leg Two Times In his Career)

djibril cisse broken leg two times
What can you say about Cisse, the most unfortunate player in terms of injuries, he brok both of his leg on seperate occasions first when playing for Liverpool and than when playing for French National side. A tackle from behind by blackburn defender Jay McEveley broke Cisse’s left leg in 2004.

While playing for France against Chine in 2006 Cisse again hurt his leg this time the right one, by falling awkwardly to the group after a challenge from China captain, this injury result him being ruled out from French National side.


2. Eduardo da Silva (Broken Leg)

Eduardo Silva broker Leg
Another former Arsenal player Eduardo Da Silva was playing for the gunners in the league match against Birmingham City and after a reckless tackle from behind by Martin Taylor Eduardo broke his leg which was caused due to the fact that when the impact was made Eduardo foot was planted in the ground. Injury kind of result eduardo to move from physical english game and he signed for Shakhrar Dontesk in 2010.


3. Marcin Wasilewski (Dislocated Ankle)

Polish defender playing Marcin Wasilewski playing in Belgian league, suffered one of the wors leg break injury in football’s recent history. Standard liege defender Alex Witse put a nasty stamp on Wasilewski which ended up breaking his ankle with fractures of tibia and fibula and this horrific injury kept Marcin Wasilewski out of the game for over a year.

4. Aaron Ramsey (Severely dislocated ankle)

A young Arsenal player Aaron Ramsey who was a making superb development to his game in 2010 suffered one of the most terrible injuries in Premier League when in the league game against Stoke City, stoke defender Ryan Shawcross put a reckless challenge on Ramsey which resulted in leg break which caused Ramsey to miss 9 months out of the team and he is not the same player since than.

5. Kieron Dyer (Broken Ankle)

Former West ham player suffered a double leg break in the game against Blackburn Rovers back in 2007 when Blackburn Defender Joe Jacobson put a nasty challenge on Dyer from behind which resulted in his leg break on two places and this nasty injury kep dyer out of the game for more than 1 year.


6. Jacob Olesen (Broken Leg and foot Injury)

Danmark National team player Jacob Olesen who was playing for his club side in Danish League suffered a terrible ankle injury which dislocated his ankle and broke tibia & fibula. This Injury led his to be out of the football pitch for around 8 months.

7. Iñigo Díaz de Cerio (ligament tore + broken Leg)

Real Sociedad player De Cerio suffered a leg break injury back in november 2008 when a collision the opposing team goalkeeper resulted in a badly dislocated ankle inury which also broke his bone on multiple placed he missed rest of the season but made a successfull comeback.

8. Francesco Totti (Broken Ankle)

Former Italian striker and Roma captain Totti suffered a broken leg injury when playing in the serie a game against Empoli and he after a challenge from the defender he fall really awkward which resulted in nterconnecting ligaments with the malleolus and broke his leg around ankle area.

9. ALAN SMITH  (dislocated ankle)
worst injury Alan Smith broken leg
Back in 2006 season when Alan Smith was playing for manchester United against Liverpool in the FA Cup game, in the process of blocking a freekick of Liverpool player John Arne Riise, Smith somehow managed to twist his ankle really bad and ended up with a severely dislocated ankle which took his 7 months on the sideline. Though he did made a comeback and scored a goal in 7-1 win for United against Roma.

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