UEFA Best Player Award 2013 Ronalo, Messi Ribery Who Will Win ?

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 | 2

UEFA best Player away 2013

UEFA has announced the final list of top 3 players who are picked from the top 10 list which was published last month, and there is no surprise in guessing who made the final three. Ronaldo, Messi is joined by Bayern Munich’s Frank Ribery and the winner of hte award will be announced on the UEFA Champions League group stage draw towards the end of the this month.

Top journalists from European nations vote for their top 5 players from last season in Europe, and 5 points going to the top pick, while 4 for 2nd place and so on and the players with more points are choosing based on points.

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None of the english Premier League stars made the top 10 list, here is the full list of top 10 players who were choosen by journalists.

4) Robert Lewandowski (POLAND) (80 points)

5) Arjen Robben (NEDERLANDS) (55 points)

6) Thomas Müller (GERMANY) (51 points)

7) Gareth Bale (WALES) – (48 points)

8) Bastian Schweinsteiger (GERMANY) – (34 points)

9) Zlatan Ibrahimović (SWEDEN) – (27 points)

10) Robin van Persie (NEDERLANDS) – (24 points)

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