FIFA 15 Release Date Confirmed for 26 September

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EA Sports has confirmed the released date of FIFA 15 which is set for 23 September 2014 in North America, while 26th September in UK and Europe. The game will be released on all plateforms including PS4, XboxOne, PC, Xbox360 and PS3.

Fifa 15 release date September 2014FIFA 15 Release Date: 23 September 2014 

  1. North America: 23 September 2014
  2. UK & Europe: 26 September 2014

Looking at the past 4 titles from EA Sports, we can safely assume that FIFA 15 will be released in the last week of September 2014 in America and a few days later in UK and Europe. Here is the official dates release dates of last few titles.

FIFA 11 – 28 Sep (America) & 01 Oct (Europe)
FIFA 12 – 27 Sep (America) & 30 Sep (Europe)
FIFA 13 – 25 Sep (America) & 28 Sep (Europe)
FIFA 14 – 24 Sep (America) & 27 Sep (Europe)

When the Official Demo of FIFA 15 will come out ?

FIFA 15 Demo Release Date: before 10th September 2014

Almost always EA Sports release a playable demo couple of weeks to 1 month before the official release of Fifa game. Last year official demo was released on 10th September while the game was release on 24th september. So we can expect the demo to come out atleast couple of weeks before the FIFA 15 full game.

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