Top 20 FIFA 15 New Ideas and Wishlist

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 | 331

FIFA 15 ideas

Playing FIFA 14 ? on next-gen or current gen consoles ? there was a not much of an improvement from what we saw in FIFA 13 but still its a game worth buying for the sake of it. EA Sports next installment will be “EA FIFA World Cup 2014” which has been announced and will be released somewhere near the World Cup start date on Xbox360 and PS3. Having played the game for around 3 months now its time to look for and submit Ideas for FIFA 15, what changes you would like to see in the new game and what sort of wish list you have ?

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Here is the few ideas we at think will make FIFA 15 a must buy and will definitely get some improvement from the previous version.

#.1 Multiplayer career mode

Its far-fetched wish but hey with new consoles out and alot depend of online modes of a game success. EA Should finally think of building an online platform where you can be part of “Online multiplayer career”. The rough idea what i can think of is that people can creat their own game worlds in the game and invite friends to join the career mode. While A player must play a certain 2-3 games a week, and if a player can not play he can set up his squad and tactics and computer will take control vs other human player who is available to play. Complicated ? no go have a look at This is something very much achievable but EA has to dig deep and make start of by asking the community what they think and take feed back.

Can you imagine you had your eyes on a transfer, but at the last moment your friend nick it ? It will creat a whole lot new dimension to the game. But maybe they can start that out in FIFA Manager to begin with.

#2. Bring back the Mini Leagues/Tournaments

I have no idea why EA Sports took this mode off from FIFA 14 ? they need to bring back the possibility of making our own little league and tournaments both online and offline. This was a welcome addition in previous versions so I hope EA get their act together and keep this mode in the game.

#3. Career Mode Pre-Season Ideas

Yeah I know, FIFA 14 has pre season friendlies. But they are lame as hell, only three substitutions and i am sure like me many of you would prefer to just skip/simulate the pre season friendly matches. Why not put some glamour into pre-season ?

  1. Selectable Preseason Tour Destinations 
  2. allow a minimum of six substitutions
  3. Add preseason tournaments like Emirates Cup/ Guinness Championship USA/ Ajax Tournament

#4. Team Training

The most wanted career mode idea which we have been talking about for last few editions is “Team Training”. That should be the base of building a team style, ethos and certain club culture. As a manager i want to put my stamp on the team squad and they way my team plays and for that I have to develop a certain style for my team and If team training can be added to the career mode for example, you can focus your training on lets say “short passing” and over the time players should get slight boost in their passing. I buy a new player, he would have to build understanding with team mates/chemistry through team training.

  • “Training sliders” can be a good to begin with

#5. More Customisation Options:

Remember when we could edit kits, badges and more importantly our very own team from the scratch. That option has gone from fifa but a return of this feature can be highly succesful. Specialy in the “Pro-Clubs” team customisation options will make it shine even more.

#6. Reserve Leagus in Career Mode:

Offline Career mode is the mode which makes FIFA logetivity much more, to make it even better EA can introduce reserve league in the major fife league in europe. That way managers can play their youngsters in competitive games. That way we can develop our homegrown players better. (we dont have to play the resever league but it can be done in the background)

#5. Whole list of Ideas to improve the game.

  1. Deeper Tactics interference (change of tactics should have some weight behind them, certain teams should play like in real life)
  2. Effects of Stamina (should have impact on precision and shooting)
  3. New trait (provide more traits to players like “injury prone” “offside prone” “two footed challenges”
  4. Real-time weather (something which can be achieved in next-gen consoles)
  5. Coin toss
  6. Dirty Kits (another idea which can be implemented with next-gen games)

#6. All Star Premier League vs All Star La Liga (Idea by Jerome Antunes)

Now one of the users of tsmplug, got this cool idea where we can play with a kind of all-star team from a league vs all-star team from another league. It will be great to play with La Liga team vs Premier Leauge or bundesliga or Serie a. What you think about it ? The release date of Fifa 15 is set for last week of September

[ So far these two things I would love to see the in the game apart from the usual stuff about better commentary, being able to dribble precisely, real life players attributes, better animation for tackles/injuries. Smarter AI control players and we will discuss more ideas and wish list once you people start to provide feed back in the comments box. ]

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