What is happening to Brazilian football ?

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Wednesday, August 10th, 2016 | 0

Brazil was once the most popular football nation in the world. But, the question has raised that what is happening to that country which was used to be the best football playing nation in the world. Brazil did not only dominate the world at times but also showed the world why they are the best. But from 2010, their performance is getting worse by the day.

Why? you may ask. the answer is here. they lost 2010 world cup but their performance was not their best. Then 2011, they once again failed to do well in Copa America. After that, 2014 football world cup came which bought a lot of hopes for the people but they were humiliated by Germany in the Semi finals where they lost by a huge 7-1. To make things worse, the next year in Copa America 2015, they could not get past the Quarter final mark and the last was in special 2016 Copa America where they failed to pass the group stage.


their performance in world qualification after halfway to it, is already bad and they are barely hanging by a thread, even there.

the latest performance drop came in, The Rio Olympics where they were expecting the first gold medal for their country. However, once again they are handing by a thread. they could not even beat weak opponents like Iraq and South Africa who are considered much weaker teams. their final opponent is Denmark and they are doing really well this year. Unless, Brazil defeats Denmark in their net match, they might as well be eliminated from the group stage again. Ronaldo, former Brazilian forward and world cup winner said that he regrets seeing Brazil like this. he even said, if h could then he would just go to the field and score some goals and show the new generation how it is done.

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