What If All Premier League Clubs Were Women Hollywood ?

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Friday, January 10th, 2014 | 1

man utd charlize theronI was wondering what if football clubs were women from hollywood ? who would they be ? so i came with this idea to compare premier league and other famous clubs to hollywood celebrities. Before you read on, please understand these are just my views and you might not like them. But feel free to share your own suggestions.

Disclaimer: After reading this some of you might be offended and I tried to post pics without any nudity. Please read and scroll through with open mind.

Arsenal – Scarlett Johansson

All that praise, the viral videos, will win it all and that kinda stuff but end result is excuses and more excuses.

Chelsea – Sarena Williams

Nobday wants to watch them play, but holy smoke they know how to win.

Liverpool – Salma Hayek

Passionate & proud on past glory, making a steady comeback though

Manchester United – Lady Diana

Have been class for years, but now  going through testing times.

Manchester City – Kate Upton

Breath of fresh air in the last few seasons, how long will it last ?

Newcastle United – Pamela Anderson

Something is tragic about them if you are a fan, a laughing stock if you are not.

Tottenham – Katie Price

An average team trying to mix with with the bigger boys.

West Ham United – Ana Nicole Smith

Loads of hope, some talent but absolute waste of it.


Now lets turn our attention to some other big European Clubs, most of them has great history and still going strong. again this is just for fun, dont take a it seriously.

Real Madrid – Angelina Jolie

Absolute legend of the past, now settling down but still classy

FC Barcelona – Marilyn Monroe

Everyone love to watch them, except rivals.

AC Milan – Monica Bellucci

Class dont vanish all of a sudden, it just gets old, in this case is getting old ugly

Bayern Munich – Beyonce

Always around and most of the time succesful but underrated.

PSG – Shakira

Ambitious but not there yet.


There are many other teams left to be included in the list, and many celebrities some of the names i will give below and get into action by comparing clubs with hollywood celebs.

Teams I wanted to Use

  1. Juventus
  2. Roma
  3. Monaco
  4. Atletico Madrid
  5. Borussia Dortmund
  6. Inter Milan
  7. Lyon
  8. QPR

Celebrities I wanted to include:

  1. Charlize Theron
  2. Jenna Jameson
  3. Jennifer Aniston
  4. Catherin Zeta Jones
  5. Jennifer Lopez
  6. Elisha Cuthbert
  7. Jennifer Lawrence

Help us out and get into the mix of action by using the comment box below and shout out your suggestion. Dont be angry just use commenting to compare your clubs with women.

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