Uruguay 30 Men team squad for Copa America 2015

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, May 25th, 2015 | 0

Copa America is considered the most important Football tournament for the Americans after World Cup. 12 teams take part in this grand-tournament. Countries like Argentina, Brazil and such fight to prove that they are the better team.

But if I ask a question that which team is most successful in Copa America then most would give the wrong answer. No, it’s not Brazil or Argentina. Neither it’s Mexico or Chile or Colombia for your info.

It’s the first World Cup Champion, Uruguay. Although their success in the world cup was limited to that one time but in Copa America they are beast. However, this season they are barely a wild-card. The reason is the players. Take a look yourself.

Uruguay 30 men

Position Player Name
Goalkeepers Rodrigo Munoz
Goalkeepers Fernando Muslera
Goalkeepers Martin Silva
Defenders Matias Aguirregaray
Defenders Sebastian Coates
Defenders Mathias Corujo
Defenders Jorge Fucile
Defenders Jose Gimenez
Defenders Diego Godin
Defenders Alvaro Pereira
Defenders Maximiliano Pereira
Defenders Gaston Silva
Defenders Emiliano Velazquez
Midfielders Egidio Arevalo
Midfielders Giorgian DE Arrascaeta
Midfielders Walter Gargano
Midfielders Alvaro Gonzalez
Midfielders Nicolas Lodeiro
Midfielders Camilo Mayada
Midfielders Guzman Pereira
Midfielders Cristian Rodriguez
Midfielders Carlos Sanchez
Forwards Edinson Cavani
Forwards Abel Hernandez
Forwards Jonathan Rodriguez
Forwards Diego Rolan
Forwards Cristian Stuani


Reasons –

Do you see ant LUIS SUAREZ in the names? That is the biggest reason they are in the back-foot. Due to his behavior in the world cup, he will not be able to play Copa America as he is banned from playing International matches. When opponents have Messi, Neymar, Aguero and such players then only Cavani is not enough. Simply put, they most probably will not be able to keep up with the attacks of their opponents.

However, by no means they are a bad team. Other than that big name missing from the squad, Uruguay has some good players that can change the flow of the math on their favor. So, thinking Uruguay is an easy win will be a mistake.

Who knows, what they will able to pull off this season even though they are under rated.

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