Top 10 Highest singing transfers in Inter Milan

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Top 10 Highest singing transfers in Inter Milan

  1. Rui Costa ( Fiorentina to AC Milan) 2001: 42.00 Million Euro

Rui cost the Portuguese star move AC Milan from Fiorentina at July 1 2001 at the record transfer record of Club AC Milan at 42.00 Million Euro. That is the club record he was playe 124 Serie A Matches for AC Milan in his carrer and his 5 AC Milan Career. He was finished his career from Benfica at 2008 where he was started his career.

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  1. Fillipo Inzaghi (Juventus to AC Milan)2001: 37.00 Million Euro

This Italian was started his career from Italian ClubPiacenza juniors. At 2001 Inzaghi was be the second most velluabel player for AC Milan and one of the valuable player in Italy. He had moved to AC Milan from Juventus at 2001 by 37.00 Million Euro.

  1. Ronaldinho (Barcelona to AC Milan) 2008: 35 Million Euro

After playing excellently ay Barcelona, Ronaldinho was moved to AC Milan after 35.5 Million euro at 2008 and becomes the 3rd most valuable player of AC Milan.

  1. Alessandro Nesta (Lazio to AC Milan) 2002: 30.5 Million Euro

Another Italian of the list is Alessandro Nesta, he is the 4th most valuable players for AC Milan Ever. In 2002 he was moved to AC Milan from Lazio at 30.5 Million Euro transfer Money. And that made him the 4th most valuable player for AC Milan

  1. Albarto Gilardino (Parma to AC Milan) 2005: 25,00 Million Euro

This Italian was transferred at AC Milan from Parma at 25,00 Million Euro and made him 5th most expensive played for AC Milan history.

  1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Barcelona to AC Milan) 2011: 24,00 Million Euro

One of the greatest Swedish player Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the 6th most expensive player for AC Milan. He was moved to FC Barcelona by 24.00 Million Euro at 2011.

  1. Anderiy Shevchenko (Dynamo Kyiv to AC Milan) 1999: 23.00 Million Euro

This Ukranian was moved to AC Milan from Dynamo Kyiv at 1999 at this time record transfer fee of AC Milan at 23.00 Million Euro

  1. Clarence Seedorf ( Inter Mila to AC Milan) 2002: 22.5 Million Euro

This central Midfielder is the 8th most valuable player of AC Milan for his 22.5 Million Euros transfer from Inter Millan to AC Millan at 2002.

  1. Alexandre Pato (Internacional to AC Milan) 2007: 22.00 Million Euro

This Brazilian Centre Forward is the 9th most valuable player for his 22.00 Million Euro transfer fee from Internacional to AC Milan at 2007.

At the 10 of the top 10 list is the current Italian bad boy of the football Mario Balotelli. He is the 10th most valuable player for AC Milan when he was joined from Manchester City to AC Milan at 2013 by 20.00 Million Euro. But he can just played one season for AC Milan at Serie A.

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