Serie A Fixtures 2013/14 – Italian League Schedule

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Serie A Fixtures 2014

Italian Serie A League Start Date – 24 August 2014

Italian football league Seria A fixtures dates has been confirmed but who will be facing whom, is yet to be decided and we can expect the Serie A fixture list to be out within few weeks. Engllish Premier League, German Bundesliga and French League have already announced the fixtures while only Serie A and La Liga from the top league around Europe are yet to confirm the fixtures.

Italian Serie A 2014-2015 LogoSerie A Start Date: August 24, 2013

Serie A Finish Date: May 18, 2014

Number of Midweek rounds: 3

Winter Break: 20 December to 5 January 2014

Italian Super Cup: 10 August 2013 (beijing, China)

Coppa Italia Final: 14 April 2014


Italian Serie A 2013-14 Opening Week Fixtures:

Week 2

  1. Atalanta vs Catania
  2. Bologna vs Lazio
  3. Cagliari vs Juventus
  4. Verona vs Napoli
  5. Inter vs Chievo
  6. Livorno vs Parma
  7. Roma vs Genoa
  8. Sampdoria vs Udinese
  9. Sassuolo Vs Milan
  10. Torino Vs Fiorentina

Week 3

  1. Catania vs Bologna
  2. Chievo vs Cagliari
  3. Fiorentina vs Livorno
  4. Genoa vs Sassuolo
  5. Juventus Vs Roma
  6. Lazio vs Inter
  7. Milan vs Atalanta
  8. Napoli vs Sampdoria
  9. Parma vs Torino
  10. Udinese vs Verona

 Week 4

  1. Atalanta vs Juventus
  2. Bologna vs Genoa
  3. Cagliari vs Napoli
  4. Verona vs Lazio
  5. Inter vs Milan
  6. Livorno vs Udinese
  7. Roma vs Catania
  8. Sampdoria vs Parma
  9. Sassuolo vs Fiorentina
  10. Torino vs Chievo


  1. Catania vs Verona
  2. Chievo vs Sampdoria
  3. Fiorentina vs Bologna
  4. Genoa vs Atalanta
  5. Juventus vs Sassuolo
  6. Lazio vs Livorno
  7. Milan vs Roma
  8. Napoli vs Inter
  9. Parma vs Cagliari
  10. Udinese vs Torino


  1. Bologna vs Juventus
  2. Cagliari vs Genoa
  3. Verona vs Atalanta
  4. Inter vs Parma
  5. Livorno vs Milan
  6. Napoli vs Udinese
  7. Roma vs Fiorentina
  8. Sampdoria vs Catania
  9. Sassuolo vs Chievo
  10. Torino vs Lazio


  1. Atalanta vs Roma
  2. Cagliari vs Sassuolo
  3. Catania vs Milan
  4. Chievo vs Livorno
  5. Fiorentina vs Verona
  6. Genoa vs Torino
  7. Inter vs Sampdoria
  8. Juventus vs Lazio
  9. Lazio vs Napoli
  10. Parma vs Bologna


  1. Bologna vs Inter
  2. Verona vs Chievo
  3. Livorno vs Juventus
  4. Milan vs Genoa
  5. Napoli vs Parma
  6. Roma vs Cagliari
  7. Sampdoria vs Lazio
  8. Sassuolo vs Atalanta
  9. Torino vs Catania
  10. Udinese vs Fiorentina


  1. Atalanta vs Bologna
  2. Cagliari vs Torino
  3. Catania vs Udinese
  4. Chievo vs Udinese
  5. Fiorentina vs Sampdoria
  6. Genoa vs Verona
  7. Inter vs Livorno
  8. Juventus vs Napoli
  9. Parma vs Lazio
  10. Roma vs Sassuolo


  1. Bologna vs Chievo
  2. Verona vs Cagliari
  3. Lazio vs Genoa
  4. Livorno vs Atalanta
  5. Milan vs Fiorentina
  6. Napoli vs Catania
  7. Parma vs Juventus
  8. Sampdoria vs Sassuolo
  9. Torino vs Roma
  10. Udinese vs Inter


  1. Atalanta vs Inter
  2. Cagliari vs Bologna
  3. Fiorentina vs Napoli
  4. Genoa vs Parma
  5. Verona vs Sampdoria
  6. Juventus vs Catania
  7. Livorno vs Torino
  8. Milan vs Lazio
  9. Roma vs Chievo
  10. Sassuolo vs Udinese


  1. Bologna vs Livorno
  2. Catania vs Sassuolo
  3. Chievo vs Fiorentina
  4. Inter vs Verona
  5. Juventus vs Genoa
  6. Lazio vs Cagliari
  7. Napoli vs Torino
  8. Parma vs AC Milan
  9. Sampdoria vs Atalanta
  10. Udinese vs AS Roma


  1. Atalanta vs Lazio
  2. Cagliari vs Catania
  3. Fiorentina vs Juventus
  4. Genoa vs Chievo
  5. Verona vs Parma
  6. Livorno vs Sampdoria
  7. Milan vs Udinese
  8. Roma vs Napoli
  9. Sassuolo vs Bologna
  10. Torino vs Inter


  1. Bologna vs Verona
  2. Catania vs Genoa
  3. Chievo vs Atalanta
  4. Inter vs Roma
  5. Juventus vs Milan
  6. Lazio vs Fiorentina
  7. Napoli vs Livorno
  8. Parma vs Sassuolo
  9. Samprodia vs Torino
  10. Udinese vs Cagliari


  1. Atalanta vs Udinese
  2. Cagliari vs Inter
  3. Catania vs Chievo
  4. Fiorentina vs Parma
  5. Genoa vs Napoli
  6. Verona vs Livorno
  7. Milan vs Sampdoria
  8. Roma vs Bologna
  9. Sassuolo vs Lazio
  10. Torino vs Juventus


  1. Bologna vs Milan
  2. Chievo vs Juventus
  3. Inter vs Fiorentina
  4. Lazio vs Catania
  5. Livorno vs Cagliari
  6. Napoli vs Sassuolo
  7. Parma vs Atalanta
  8. Sampdoria vs AS Roma
  9. Torino vs Verona
  10. Udinese vs Genoa


  • Atalanta vs Fiorentina
  • Bologna vs Torino
  • Cagliari vs Sampdoria
  • Catania vs Parma
  • Chievo vs Udinese
  • Genoa vs Livorno
  • Juventus vs Verona
  • Milan vs Napoli
  • Roma vs Lazio
  • Sassuolo vs Inter


  1. Fiorentina vs Cagliari
  2. Verona vs Sassuolo
  3. Inter vs Juventus
  4. Lazio vs Chievo
  5. Livorno vs Catania
  6. Napoli vs Atalanta
  7. Parma vs AS Roma
  8. Sampdoria vs Genoa
  9. Torino vs AC Milan
  10. Udinese vs Bologna


  1. Atalanta vs Torino
  2. Bologna vs Sampdoria
  3. Catania vs Inter
  4. Chievo vs Napoli
  5. Genoa vs Fiorentina
  6. Juventus vs Lazio
  7. Milan vs Cagliari
  8. Roma vs Verona
  9. Sassuolo vs Livorno
  10. Udinese vs Parma


  1. Cagliari vs Atalanta
  2. Fiorentina vs Catania
  3. Verona vs AC Milan
  4. Lazio vs Udinese
  5. Livorno vs Roma
  6. Samp vs Juve
  7. Napoli vs Bologna
  8. Inter vs Genoa
  9. Parma vs Chievo
  10. Torino vs Sassuolo

The theme this year is that most of the league’s are getting underway couple of weeks earlierthan usual because of the FIFA World Cup next year and the end date of the league games is also pushed earlier to 1 or 2 weeks to give the players some breathing space before the World Cup gets underway. Here are the few important dates for the Italian Serie A 2013-2014.

Right now fixture list is not out, but the above dates has been confirmed we will be posting the whole fixture list here as soon as it is announced. In the meantime you can follow the below links to have a look at the other major League fixtures list for the upcoming season 2013-2014.

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