Round of 16 (Knock-Out) Matches Tickets FIFA 2014 World Cup

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World Cup 2014 knockout stage tickets

FIFA world Cup 2014 is the biggest sporting event in the world, happens every 4 years and in 2014 Brazil are hosting what could be the biggest sports event ever held on this planet. Preparations are done and we have the 32 teams confirmed while the group stage draw will be announced on 6th december 2014 but the match schedule, dates and kickoff times has already been confirmed.

World Cup 2014 – Round of 16 Match Tickets

28 June 2014 Winner A vs RunnerUp B
Belo Horizonte
28 June 2014 Winner C vs RunnerUp D
Rio Di Janiero
29 June 2014 Winner B vs RunnerUp A
29 June 2014 Winner D vs RunnerUp C
30 June 2014 Winner E vs RunnerUp F
30 June 2014 Winner G vs RunnerUp H Porto Alegro $794.8
01 July 2014 Winner F vs RunnerUp E Sou Paulo $1361
01 July 2014 Winner H vs Runner Up G Salvador $794.09


FIFA World CUp 2014 Match Tickets

Round of 16 matches will be played from 28th June 2014 to 1st July 2014, 4 teams will make it to the quarter finals and the we will know who will be playing whome once the group stages are over.

Its quite easy to predict your teams knockout matches as if team qualifying they will have two options, either as a runner up or Group winners.

Once the groups are formed/drawn on 6th december we will have more information on how to buy tickets for FIFA World CUp matches on our complete guide.

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