Ronaldo saved Real Madrid against Getafe

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, October 16th, 2017 | 0

The opportunities to score goals were missed consecutively but finally the Portuguese striker got success against Getafe. Real Madrid was about to stumble against Getafe in the last La Liga match but this Portuguese captain scored the match winning goal at the end of the match and so, the current champion finished the game with complete three points. It can be said that Ronaldo save Real Madrid against Getafe.

In saturday night, at La Liga competition Real Madrid played at the opponent’s ground against the local team Getafe where Zidane’s team defeated Getafe by 2 – 1 goals. At the first half, Real went ahead through the goal of Karim Benzema but at the beginning of the second half, the local team brought level by scoring an even goal.

Ronaldo saved Real Madrid against Getafe

From the pass of Isco, in the ongoing La Liga, Ronaldo scored his first goal against Getafe. AT the 10th minutes of the match, the first opportunity was got by Real. In the box with the chest, Benzema took control of the ball and passed it to Ronaldo. Cristiano made a shot but the opponent stopper Spanish Guaita stopped the ball.

In 36th minutes, Marco Asensio passed the ball to Ronaldo and CR7 made it to Benzema. But the shot of this French striker was gone outside of the bar. But just three minutes later, due to a great fault of the opponent, Benzema made a conakry shot which found the net successfully.

In the 6th minutes of the second half, Marcelo could make the difference double but he failed. He got the controlling of the ball from gathering and made a strong shot to the goal but again the Spanish goalkeeper stopped the ball in exchange for corner.

However, in 56th minutes of the match, Getafe made a counter attack and made an even with the Real. With counter attack, they made the ball to the box and from the right side Fajr took shot but Ramos stopped it through his leg but ball went to the striker Jorge Molina and he just made it to the goal.

In 72nd minutes coach Zidane replaced Lucas Vazquez with Isco. Just minute later, Ronaldo got the ball in front of goal bar but failed agian. At last in 85th minutes of the match, CR7 secured their victory against Getafe. Isco made a pass to Cristiano into the box and at the first touch of volley, the four times Ballon d’Or winner scored his first La Liga goal in the season. With La Liga and Champions League, Ronaldo’s goals are total five in the season. By playing eight matches, Real got five victory and two draw. SO, with 17 points, they are standing on 2nd position on La Liga point table.

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