The reason’s of Messi’s amazing performance

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 | 0

Messi has scored 19 goals in La Liga in 19 matches, he also scored 8 goals in 6 matches of Champions League. So basically in this season he scored 28 goals already in 26 matches. He also got his 3rd La Liga and 4th hat-trick of the season in the very last match. All the stats talks for Messi. So why would there be a question about Messi being in good form.

The reason this type of question is beginning to rise is because Barcelona’s most popular player was on the sideline against Real Sociedad and they ended up loosing that match by their own goal. So why was he sidelined even though he isn’t suffering from any injuries. People were starting to think that the relation between him and the coach isn’t going very well at the moment. Messi isn’t happy in Barcelona anymore, that rumor started to fly everywhere. However from 4th January Messi played 3 matches and scored 5 matches. He got 1 hat-trick and there was that amazing performance against Atletico Madrid.


Spanish football newspaper thought of some reasons behind Messi’s sudden blast in performance. they are –

1- Messi wants to give his best no matter what and it is not because someone tells him to play better. he is very serious about his performance as a player. So the rumor about his quarrel with the Barcelona manager has come as a blessing and he is much serious in the field.

2- Messi never wants to loose. But he ended up loosing the Ballon d’Or twice in a row to Cristiano Ronaldo. This has lit a fire inside of Argentine Captain.

3- Messi was trying to imply that he isn’t getting any support from Barcelona team. However, Barcelona management said that they will make sure that Messi is happy in Barcelona.

4- Messi left the center attacking position and went back to his usual side but this gives him more space and thus he can make plays more frequently. Thus he is showing better performance.

5- His Chemistry with Suarez and Neymar is going very well as these 3 strikers are helping each other out which is resulting in all 3 players better performance. And i don’t think its necessary to mention what happens to the opponents when these 3 stars are on fire.

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