Ozil Becoming Assist Master

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Thursday, December 31st, 2015 | 0

Mesut Ozil

German midfielder Masut Ozil was his worest form in his pro career. On the previous season, most of the team he had to the viewer from the stands of Arsenal match. All because of his injury. At the last season England’s ground was the rough rocky terrace for Ozil. Former Arsenal player Thierry Henry and Leather Matthews was full of Ozil’s criticism. Arsene Wenger made big mistake to buy Masut Ozil with record transfer fee at Arsenal history.

But at now this is not an issue if he made that kind of mistake each time. On the current season, not only for Arsenal but also for Premier League, Ozil is the best performer so far.

How much goals he has been scored so far, it is not an issue. But the main duty for a midfielder to assist on goal. 3 goals scored is not a bad statics for a midfielder. But Ozil is extraordinary to assist on goals in current year.

After the half way of the season he assist on 16 goals so far. Record 20 assist in a season campaign holder is also Arsenal’s former captain Thierry Henry. By which mode Ozil is going ahead it a matter of time to break the record of most assist in a league season. But Ozil can brock the record on his last match against Bournemouth if his team meet wouldn’t waste the opportunity of goals which created by Ozil.  On the current season no one on around Ozil’s to create opportunity of goal scoring. With 80 chance creating of the season he is placing top of the table. Dusan Tadich from Southampton is in the second place with 30 fewer of him.


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