Messi – transfer to Manchester City ?

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, November 30th, 2015 | 0

If the question is asked to name the best player of the world right now or the best players of recent times then the answer would always bring the name of Lionel Messi at the top. Some may say other names but I doubt those name will be said by many. Lionel Messi is probably the best player to be born in this century if not one of the greatest player of history.

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Thus his value in club football is eminent. However, by Lionel Messi we all understand Barcelona. Barcelona is bee with since so long that its actually stupid to think otherwise. Last season when the rumor of Messi and Barcelona coach spread the news of Messi moving started flying around. However, that didn’t happen as Messi stayed in Barcelona disappointing every other club wanting him which included clubs like PSG, Bayern and Arsenal.

Now that all the other clubs have stopped trying, Manchester City has set their eye on the Argentine and is willing to play nearly twice of the world record transfer just to get him on their side. They are willing to pay almost $180 million dollars for him and that is excluding some club fees which is worth over 6 million euro. In the end, its quite obvious that they have $200 million dollars ready for this transfer and that is surely double of $100 million that Real paid for Bale.

However, will Messi go or not is entirely different and depends. But my suggestion to Manchester City fans are, don’t get your hopes up. If it was that easy to get Messi then he would have been in different clubs throughout his career.

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