Messi got hit by a bottle

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Monday, December 1st, 2014 | 0

On the match against Valencia, one supporter threw a bottle on Messi’s head. But the Argentina Captain’s luck was good as the bottle was plastic and it didn’t do much damage.

Messi got hit by a bottle

On Valencia’s home ground even after attacking again and again, Barcelona wasn’t getting the goal. After 90 minutes of play, 4 minutes of extra time was added. On the last minute Sergio Buskets scored a goal and got the win for Barcelona. When the players were celebrating the goal near the stands, one Valencia Supporter threw the bottle on Messi’s head. He was showed to be in pain and the superstar was holding the place where the bottle hit for a while. But thanks to the bottle being plastic, no bad injuries happened and Messi wasn’t badly hurt.

Barcelona coach Luis Enrique couldn’t take this kind of behavior inside the football stadium. He said Spanish clubs are trying to avoid this kind of incidents.

“You can get this kind of mad man in any stadium anywhere in the world. These kinds of peoples are ready to create problem at any time no matter what. But we are fighting against these kind peoples and we will continue this fight.”

On that day, before Atletico Madrid VS Deportivo la Koruna, some supporters fought against each other which resulted in a supporter’s death. Luis Enrique brought this topic and said – “it happened this morning and this is really unfortunate. But this type on incidents isn’t related to football at all.”

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