Mainz Vs Cologne (German Bundesliga): Match info

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Mainz Vs Cologne– German Bundesliga Match Preview

Is the league 10th team Kolen and 12th team Mainz will play at Bundesliga’s 33 match of them on 16th May on Saturday and match was fixture at playoff time with 19:30 +GMT 6 or 7:30 PM BST, 6:30 PT, 7:00 IST and 15:30 Local time. The match venue is Coface Arena (Mainz)

Mainz Vs Cologne

Matches Information’s:

Match: Mainz Vs Cologne

Venue: Coface Arena (Mainz)

Start Time: 19:30 +GMT 6 or 7:30 PM BST, 6:30 PT, 7:00 IST and 15:30 Local time.

League: German Bundesliga

Season: 33rd Match at 2014-15.

Match Date: Saturday, 16th May.

Match Head to Head, Match Points and Preview:

Koln is the promoted team from Bundesliga of last season and played their Bundesliga season after 1 year gap. After 32 match of league they are in the 10th at league position with 39 points. At that run of league Koln had won 9 matches and their last one had come at the previous match against league 6th Schalke 04. Which is their 3 drawn match. They are unbeaten in last match as well. And Koln have only one defeats in their last 10 matches. In their only defeats come in last 10 matches against Freiburg.That defeats is their 11 defeats in the Bundesliga after 32 match.Last 3 matches consecutive drawn is their 12th drawn of their matches.

37 points in Bundesliga after 32 match keep last season’s 8th place holder at the ending of the season in 12th so far. For this places they was lost 11 matches and of this 11 matches they was lost their last 2 consecutive match and that was their 3rd defeats in last 5 match. Out of their 13th drawn and last was come out against Werder Bremen.

19th head to head match among Mainz and Koln so far and in there with last match of this season was drawn and there was 4th drawn together. At season 2011-12 by 4-0 goals victory was the last victory of Koln.

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