Juventus faced defeat against Sampdoria

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, November 20th, 2017 | 0

Juventus which is the most successful team in Italian Serie A and also the current champion. But their recent performance is almost disappointing. In the ongoing season, they faced defeat couple of times. In their last match in Serie A, Juventus faced defeat against Sampdoria. At the venue of Sampdoria, Juventus went behind at the first time by 3 – 0 goals. But they turned around by the goals of Gonzalo Higuain and Paulo Dybala. But the defending champion of Serie A could not avoid the defeat at last.

Juventus faced defeat against Sampdoria

In last sunday night at the top professional league in Italy, the six times Serie A winners consecutively Juventus was lost by 3 – 2 goals. They won the last four matches consecutively but lost at the 5th. However, the first half of the match finished with no goals but in 52nd minutes, Colombian forward Zapata made a conakry shot and so, Sampdoria lead the game by 1 – 0.

To increase the power of the attack, the coach of the Old Lady Allegri replaced Bernardeschi and grounded Argentine star Paulo Dybala in 62nd minutes of the game. But just after few minutes, Sampdoria netted once again.

Within just eight minutes, the local team scored twice times and took control of the game. In 71st minutes of the game, Uruguayan midfielder Torreira increased the difference double but just couple of minutes later Italian defender Ferrari scored a goal and increased the goal difference once again in 79th minutes of the game by 3 – 0.

However, in addition minutes of the game, Gonzalo Higuain and Paulo Dybala scored two goals and so, the guest team hoped to avoid defeat at all. At the first minutes of the addition time, Higuain made a successful spot kick and reduced the difference. Sampdoria defender Strinic made a foul to the Douglas Costa and Juventus got a penalty. And through the pass of Douglas Costa, from the box Dybala made a speedy shot and scored the 2nd goal.

But, they did not score the 3rd goal and so, left the ground with defeat. In the ongoing Serie A league, Paulo Dybala scored totally 12 goals and standing in 2nd position which is the 2nd highest. And Gonzalo Higuain scored his 8th goals so far.

Team Juve has already played 13 matches in the season and managed 10 victories and one draw. With 31 points, they are in 2nd position. In saturday, Napoli beat AC Milan and with 35 points, they are in top position on league point table.

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