Italy’s misfortune with FIFA Ballon d’Or

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Friday, December 5th, 2014 | 0

The time of next ballon d’Or award is coming near. However this is making the Italian players very uneasy. Goalkeeper Buffon thinks that not having any Italian player in the shortened list of players in FIFA Ballon d’Or list shows that Italian football isn’t up to the top level anymore.

FIFA ballon d'or

Italy won the world cup in 2006. O that year the player of the year was Italy’s captain of that time. Fabio Kannvaro took that reward for Italy in that year. After that no players of Italy even made it to the short list of FIFA Ballon d’Or.

This year none of Italy’s player was up to the level of getting into that list anyway. After having such a bad World Cup this year, Buffon knows that very well. That is why he is looking at the future at the moment. He was the goalkeeper of Italy’s world Cup winning team.

He said – “I don’t know if there’s any talented players in Italy who will be able to win this kind of award anymore.”


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