History of Official Match Balls in FIFA World Cups

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history of football world cup match balls

FIFA World Cup is less than 250 days away and this time World Cup spectacle will go to Brazil for what should be a event of a life time. Today we bring you the history of FIFA World Cup official match balls from World Cup 1970 to World Cup 2010 match ball pictures. All these years Adidas has produced official balls which were used in official Fifa competitions and we start with the World Cup 1970 in France.

1970 FIFA World Cup Mexico

1974 FIFA World Cup Germany

1978 FIFA World Cup Argentina
Tango Rosario

1982 FIFA World Cup Spain
Tango Espana

1986 FIFA World Cup Mexico

1990 FIFA World Cup Italy

1994 FIFA World Cup USA

1998 FIFA World Cup France

2002 FIFA World Cup Korea-Japan

2006 FIFA World Cup Germany

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa


Above are the official match balls supplied by german sports goods manufacturer Adidas who has the history of supplying omb to world cups since 1970, before that however it was other companies and the shape of the ball was different than the round ball.

First FIFA World Cup was held in Uruguay back in 1930 and the ball used in is round but not smooth, it has that T shapes in the ball and it was easier to control the ball back than.

We will be placing the full history of match balls here, so just hang on here as we update the page from 1930 to 1966 match balls. While the 2014 match ball will be released by Adidas in November 2013

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