Fortaleza World Cup 2014 Fixtures Stadium Guide and Map

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Fortaleza world cup 2014 tickets

Fortaleza World Cup 2014 Brazil City Guide
Stadium: Arena Castelão
Capacity: (63,903 seats)

Matches at This Venue:

Match Date
Group Match – D1 v D2  
Group Match – Brazil v A3  
Group Match – G1 v G3  
Group Match – C2 v C3  
Round of 16 – 1B vs 2A
Quarter-final – W49 vs W50  


The stadium is located on the south side of the city Fortaleza, so getting to the stadium is a bit tricky even though a brand new metro service has been installed which does not stop at the stadium itself.

Getting to the Stadium:

From the central part of the city you can take “Bus 666” which leads to Jardim Castelão and you can get to the stadium right in front of the gates.

Through Metro you can reach the Castelão, by dropping off at Parangaba and take a taxi from there which should not be expensive or you can inquire about buses to the stadium

While the airport is not far from the stadium either, its less than 4 KM away from the Castelão and therefor taxi ride can be a reasonable option.


Food and Hotels ?

Dragão do Mar area is for the eating, hoteling and night life and if you are looking for something exciting you should probably spend more time in central part of the city and there is not much of a need to reach stadium early.

Interesting Places

  • Iracema beach
  • Dragão do Mar

So we advice you to take a hotel somewhere around the central part of the city if you are spendind more time here, as most of the areas around stadium are working class and there is not much attraction on the south part of the city.

Tickets ?

Once the final fixtures are announced we will have the tickets updates here about what team will be playing here and when so hand in there and check back here later if you team is playing on this venue.

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