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So we are just less than 1 year away from the big FIFA World Cup event to be held in Brazil in June 2014 and although this is early but since this will be the biggest sporting event on planet you got to start planing now if you are traveling from abroad to Brazil. Samba football, dance, cluture, beach parties some great football these are just a few attraction for the football fans around the world and getting an escape for the routine life a for a month.

Most of the related stuff like tickets, hotel deals and flights can not be booked yet and after a good research online and some world cup travel community forums i have come up with some suggestion and tips if you are planning already for the big World Cup next. Of course it depends how long you want to stay there and how many matches you want to be at you have to start planning accordingly. Lets start with the important dates.

FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 Important Date:

Cities hosting FIFA World Cup matchesFIFA World Cup group stage Draw: 6 December 2013

World Cup Start Date: 12 June 2014

World Cup Final: 13 July 2014

Ticket Application process Start: 20 August 2013

Flight Booking start: July 2013

Hotels booking start: July 2013

Hospitality Packages: Now Live

Tickets application process will start in August and we will be placing an idepth coverage of FIFA World Cup Tickets on TSMPLUG. Best option is to buy as many tickets as you can through Fifa site, you can sell unwanted tickets later on the Fifa tickets portal (easy process and almost granted money back)

Ticket Pricing Details:
Pricing of tickets will be available from 1st July about, team A vs Team B format and the knockout stages as well. so keep and eye on the

So far there is not much details about the tickets apart from Application process start date, we have had only 5 confirmed teams yet and since European Qualifiers are being played and everything is up in the clouds. But Just in case make an account on FIFA ticket site portal and apply for the tickets as soon as possible after 20th August.

FIFA World Cup Group Stage Draw:
The World Cup group stage draw will be on 6th December 2013, you can keep and eye on qualifiers from all the continents though as they are still in the process. Here are the dates when they qualifiers will be completed in different parts of the world.

1. Africa (CAF) – November 19, 2013

2. Asia – June 18, 2013

3. Europe – October 15, 2013 (9 Group Winners decided)
November 19, 2013 (Playoffs between 8 runners ups 4 going through)

4. North America – 10 September 2013

5. Oceania – New Zealand will contest a two legged plaoff on 15, 19 November 2013

6. South America – October 15 (top 4 teams go through)
– November 19 (5th place team will contest a qualifer against Asia playoff winner)

Okay now you have the important dates and the ticket handfull informational about tickets we will move onto how to get to Brazil and move around, booking of hotels and flights.



Brazilian Visa:
First thing first you need to see that traveling to Brazil on your passport need a visa or not, if you are traveling fromUSA, Canada you can apply for express visa servicem its a bit costly but will get you visa soon and save alot of headech. UK and Turkey visitors dont need a visa. We will be covering FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil Visa with whole dedicated page. for now here are a few Visa tips to keep in mind.

Type of Visa NeededTourist Visa
Visa Fees and Cost: $200-300 USD
Visa Process time: 2-3 weeks
Recomended time to apply: 3 months before departure

Vistors of Europe and UK in general dont need a visa but if you are from another country and wondering you are exempted to apply for visa or you need to check it out [ HERE]

Travel Expensis
A Ticket, flight, hotel/hostel booking, rooming around the city, food some night life entertainment will be alot more expensive than a normal visit to Brazil and on top of that Brazil is not a poor country, they have a very strong currency if you are planing to stay in Brazil for lets say 7 days you are looking at around $5000 to $7000 of expensis so you should plan accordingly.

Flights Booking Schedule:
flights in brazil World CUp 2014Flights to Brazil and inside Brazil during the event can only be booked maximum of ELEVEN months of advance. So we are looking at July 2013 when the air companies will start their booking process for Brazil 2014 and the flight tickets will be more expensive than normal day and moreover hard to book and you have to start planning way before the event.

Domestic Flight Companies: TAM Airlines, GOL Airlines and Azul Airlines.

Hotels Booking FIFA WOrld Cup 2014Hotels/Hostel Bookings:
You need to be fast here, research well and look for two three alternatives as well. Mostly in South Amercia hotels only take booking 12 months in advance so starting from July 2013 Hotels in Brazil and match hosting city will start the booking process. Early booking is the key here, as closer the time goes expensive the rates will be.

Expected Hotel Booking Prices:

3 Star Hotels: $700 – $900 Per Night

2 Star Hotels: $300 – $600 Per Night

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