FIFA Published Latest Ranking of Football playing countries (January, 2015)

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FIFA published their first ranking in this Thursday. In the latest rankings of FIFA from last year, no change has not come. Bangladesh positions have not changed in the New Year also.

At the latest ranking, Germany is in the top of the list. There rating point Joachim lows Students is in the first position by rating points of 1725. World Cup runners-up team Argentina is placed in the second place. Their earning rating point is 1538.

FIFA Published Latest Ranking of Football playing countries (January, 2015)

At number three positions team Colombia achieved 1450 rating points without changing their position. Netherlands is in the top five. Dutch shoot on position 5, where they have earned 1374 rating points. Belgium is staying in the top of the Netherlands with 1417 FIFA ranking points.

2014 World Cup host Brazil staying at the 6th place. Neymar teams collecting points are 1316. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal takes the 7th place after Neymers Brazil. From top 7, Portugal reached 1160 points. With the equal’s point of Ronaldos, France is in the 8th position.

Meanwhile, Luis Suarez’s Uruguay has been in place at number 10. Their rating point is 1135. Spain just placed at the top of Uruguay.Spanish’s point is 1142.

National Team                                     Rating Point                            Previous Point

Germany                                                1725                                        1725

Argentina                                               1538                                          1538

Colombia                                                1450                                          1450

Belgium                                                 1417                                          1417

Netherlands                                           1374                                          1374


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