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Manchester United are one of the 8 teams in the FIFA 13 Seasons mode who has a 5 star rating, so if you like to play with Manchester United you will most likely be playing against the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayern Munich and Barcelona. United have a very good squad with some players who have alot of pace both going forward and in defense as well.

I am Manchester United fan and I always use them in my Fifa matches when I am playing online. So I have been playing seasons mode for a while and finaly last week I wont the Division 1 title with Manchester United. So in my last 30 odd matches in seasons I have only lost 4 games and won 20 and drawn 6 and in the process I won the Division 1 2 twice with ease.

So here is how I setup Manchester United:

Best Formation for Manchester United:
If you are struggling to score goals but comfortable defending, than i would suggest going with a 4-1-2-1-2 (4-4-2 Diamond) formation. This is the formation where you can use the full pitch and all the players. Starting with you Full backs, wingers and of course you have two strikers and attacking midfielder as well. Since United have many pacy wingers in their team and 4 good strikers it is a good team if you like to play on counter attack.

Goal Keeper:

David De Gea
No choice there, David Da Gea in goal is very solid shot stopping keeper. I have noticed he is poor on crosses and corners though. just as in real life.

Right Back

Rafael Da Silva.
Has alot of pace and he can be very usefull going forward, and can track back as well as he has alot of stamina and speed. So I would go with him.

Centre Backs:

1: Chris Smalling
Well the choice is between Rio Ferdinend, Evans and Smalling. I choose Smalling because he has more speed and tall and very effective against players with pace.

2. Namanja Vidic
2nd CB has to be Vidic. Solid in the air, have decent pace and tackles are spot on.

Left Back:

Patrice Evra.
one of the best left backs in the game. he can suppot in attack and track back really fast.

Central Midfielder:

Tom Cleverly/Michael Carrick/Anderson
That is where choices comes to play. You can have Carrick or fletchet here but I choose Cleverly on the basis of his stamina and speed. he can score goals as well. carrick is very slow so avoid when playing with 1 CM only.

Right Winger:

Antonio Valencia
Loads of energy there and his crossed are very accurate in the game. Delicate crosses are spot on.

Left Winger:

Luiz Nani
you can have either Nani or kagwa here, usualy I start with Nani and in the 2nd half I bring Kagwa who is better pacer and have more control on the ball but lacks strenth and lose the ball in duels so easily. Nani is a good finisher and have loads of pace.

Attacking Midfielder:

Wayne Rooney/ Shinji Kagwa
Sometime I start with Kagwa here, but Rooney can pull out good lobbed passes and that’s what you need in attacking midfielder and of course he has strenght can score goals from long range. best player to use as attacking midfielder.

Right Striker:

Van persie
His finishing is 2nd to none in this game of FIFA 13, and when paired with Rooney or Hernandez you will get a deadly combination of left foot and right foot which comes handy. It is important to place van persie at the right side of CF positions, he can use his deadly left foot more precisely and effectively.

Left Striker:

Javier Hernandez
he is a good finisher, and have alot of speed as well and combining with Van Persie he complements Van Perie really well if put to the right side of CF position.

3-4-1-2 Formations Manchester United Setup:

If you are good at passing and defending the best formation for FIFA 13 is 3-4-1-2, which gives you total control of midfield and loads of ammunition upfront. If you are good enough player to win and survive Div 3, and Div 2 you should definitely try this formation. Lately I am using this 3 man defence formation, which gives me an option to control the match, I like to pass alot and this formation is a killer with good teams if you can pass the ball around and wait for your chances. This is how I setup with Manchester United

3 man Defence: Chris Smailing – Ferdinend – Vidic
Midfield: Valencia – Anderson – Carrick/Cleverly – Nani
Attacking Midfielder: Wayne Rooney
Centre Forwards: Van Persie – Hernandez

Manchester Untied FIFA 13 Seasons Defending Tips:
Everyone has their own style of play and defending is a little bit different than in the past FIFA games. I try to keep my midfield and defence in shape. So when I am playing with 4-4-2 Diamond, which is a very attacking formation, Whenever i loose the ball instead of going straight after the ball I pick players from midfield and sprint them back as soon as possible.

For example when I loose the ball with rooney in the final third of the pitch, I pick rooney immediately and sprint him back without worrying about opposition who has the ball, than if you get more time, depending up the side of opposition is trying to attack pick the winger and bring him back closer to your line of defense. Of course sometime they will have a clear lobb through ball in that case pick the farthest defender and run towards your goal.

A common mistake fifa players make is when they lose the ball, they pick the defenders and bring them forward to get the ball back and that is where your opponent have more space. So try to avoid that and learn to bring midfielders back as soon as you loose the ball and place them in front of defenders. CPU controled players don’t rush back fast, they are almost jogging and when you come up against Real madrid and Bayern Munich bullies they will punish you with pace and speed available to them. Of course it needs practice but if you want to win the Division 1 title you got to learn defending.

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