Top 10 Biggest Football Rivalries In Europe – Derby Matches

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Club Football around the world has gone from strength to strenght over the years, and almost every part of the world has some sort of connection with football with high profile football league’s in the Europe some great clubs around the world and today we take a look at some of the biggest Rivalries in football around the world, in Part 1 of the issue we take a look at European football derbies.

#1. Celtic vs Rangers

League: Scotish Premier League

One of the longest running derby in the world, known as Old Firm Derby, Celtic and rangers has been locking horns since 1888 and they won more SPL title between them than any other and last time some other team apart from Celtic and Rangers won the scotland league title was back in 1984 when Sir Alex guided Aberdeen to title.

It is the most fierce rivalry and also a derby match because both teams are located in Glasgow, though in recent years it has tammed down a bit with Rangers gone into administration and relegated from Premier division.

#2. Fenerbahce vs Galatasaray

Another derby which comes from Turkish football and both clubs are based in capital city of Istanbul. Both are the most successfull turkish clubs and this is very fierce and closely contested derby and recently Galatasaray fans became the loudest fans in the world.

#3. Schalke 04 vs. Borussia Dortmund

The Revierderby, The Rhur, Germany

Its a proper German derby, with some great football and some exciting players on both sides, FC Schalke and Dortmund are based in Ruhr region of west germany and traditionaly comes up with some of the best football matches in German and in 2008 Borussia Dortmund came from 3-0 down to get a 3-3 draw against FC Schalke is just one of those great games.

Other German Club Rivalries
Bayern Munchen vs 1860 Munchen
Werder Bremen vs Hamburg

#4. AS Roma vs Lazio

Derby della Capitale, Rome

“The Rome Derby” two Italian clubs based in Rome, are not the most successfull teams but always had some great players playing for them and this is one derby match which every football fan would like to experience. Its one of the most hostile derbies around Europe.

Other Italian Rivalries:
AC Milan vs Inter Milan
Juventus vs Torino

#5. Olympiakos vs. Panathinaikos

The Greek derby, two of the most successfull greece club sides, Olympiacos and Panathinaikos are both based in Athens and always be conetesting their greece league title while either one of them feature in CHampions League every year. This derby is another example of hostile atmosphere.

#6. Real Betis vs Sevilla

This one of the biggest local derbies in Spain, when every Real Betis takes on Sevilla the atmosphere in the stadiums are great, although spanish football is often over shadowd by Real Madrid vs Barcelona but Betis vs Sevilla is a true local derby of its kind and worth mentioning.

#7. Sporting Lisbon vs. Benfica

Wealthy vs Working class

Portugese football has its fair share of success in the past and the always produce some of the best players who go on to playe for the biggest clubs around europe. The one portual derby which is worth mentioning is between Benfica and Lisbon. Their is some beckground behind the derby as in old times fans of Sporting Lisbon were wealtheir people in the city while Benfica represented more of a working class. Though those times are long gone but that does not mean the rivalry is tammed down.

#8. AC Milan vs. Inter Milan

So now one of the biggest games in Europe, between two Milan clubs, AC Milan vs Inter Milan is a true local derby with fierce and hostile atmosphere, Passionate fans and what not. They are so close to each other that they share the same home ground.

AC Milan and Inter were 1 club but back in the early 1900’s some of the members got rebel and build a new club of their own and the Milan Derby was created. This is one derby game which you have to see.

#9. Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur

A london derby, for so many years Spurs have lived in the shadow of Arsenal and there was not much of a bitterness but in the recent years Arsenal decline and Spurs spending big bucks and challenging for the same spot in the premier league has ignite the rivalry and now the games between the two clubs are closely contested and often produce the best football in the league.

#10. Liverpool vs. Everton

THe liverpool derby, they call it Mersyside derby is one of the best football matches in Premier League all season. Like many other derby games in the recent years both sides have came down to the same leverl partly because Liverpool is not challenging for the top spot anymore and Everton has established themselves a top 7 club and in the last two season everton finished above Liverpool and this mersy side derby is still the best in Europe.

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