Barcelona crushed Cordoba

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Sunday, December 21st, 2014 | 0

To bring Luis Suarez from Liverpool to Barcelona, the Spanish giants used nearly 95 million euro. Although he scored 2 goals already in Champions League, for some reason Suarez wasn’t getting any goals in La Liga for Barcelona. Suarez had to wait till his 8th match in La Liga for his first goal and that happened in the last match of this year that Barcelona played against Cordoba. Luis Enrique’s team crushed Cordoba in the last match of this year with 5-0 victory.It was a good X-Mas gift Barcelona and Suarez fan’s.

Pedro became irregular in Barcelona after the arrival of Suarez in Barcelona. But because the injury of Neymar he was again given a chance and he made the best possible use of that chance. he scored a hat-trick in the last match and he ended up scoring for the team in this match as well. he scored on 2nd minute of the match and found the back of the opponent’s net from the cross of Rakitic. Suarez got a chance to score but his shot hit the back of opponent’s net in 12th minute.index indexa

Suarez however didn’t miss the 2nd chance he got. He scored on the 53rd minute of the match from Pedro’s pass.

PK’s shot was stopped by Cordoba goal keeper before the half time break. But he also scored in the 2nd chance he got and it was also from a head like his last shot.

It didn’t take Messi long after that to start his scoring. Within 2 minutes of the last goal he scored his first goal in this match. His 2nd goal in this match came few moments before the end of match. It was an amazing finish from the Argentine Captain.

Cordoba tried to score and got 2 good chances but they couldn’t get past Bravo under Barcelona’s goal bar. With this win Barcelona is finishing this year with only 1 point difference from Real Madrid but Real played one match less than Barcelona because they played club world cup.

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