18 year old Ruben Neves will be offered to play at Arsenal

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, November 30th, 2015 | 0

Arsenal mid-fielder Francis is heavily injured and might not be back for quite a long time. Since the transfer season is so close, Arsenal is looking for a player that can replace him in the field and they have found that player in Porto.

18 year old Neves might be young and is not been playing for very long but he managed to attract the eyes of Arsenal agents. Thus the agents are trying to get a done deal from him to Joing the English side from Porto.

Ruben Neves

His recent performance is good and he is been under the radar of some other top clubs but its quite obvious Arsenal is the one who is the most interested to get him. Apparently they are willing to offer more than 20 million euro to the club and player for a move to Arsenal which could actually be a very big news for the 18 year old international.

Some are saying, Arsenal is even willing to increase the amount by 2-5 million euro for this player making it grand total of 25 million euro for a move. Some are saying this is a desperate move by Chelsea for a good mid-fielder and some saying the Porto player is worth that much or even more since he will only grow from now on.

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