Formula One 4 Rules Changes Needed In 2015 Season

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 | 1

Formula 1 Rules Changes needed in 2015 season 2

Oh Formula 1 you losing pure fans, the glitz the glamour and the competitive edge with new rules changes coming into place every year. We are half way through the 2014 seasons and FIA has already announced a few changes which will effect F1 in 2015 season here are a few rules which FIA already announced for 2015 season.

  1. Standing restarts: apparently Formula 1 will get standing restart rule after the safety car period. The rule states that stading restrat will take place everytime unless the safety car is deployed in the first two laps or last 5 laps of the race.
  2. Reduction of engines allowed to drivers:
  3. Ban on current nose designs & introduction of titanium skid planks
  4. Friday night curfew increased from 5 to 6 hours

I already hate this “Stading restrat” rule, What is the point in having a safety car if they race were to stop and restart ? I thought the point of safety car was to avoid all these messy stuff needed for another standing restart. I have to say Formula 1 is going way down the packing order for dedicated and this sports educated fans. Its more like watching a horse race where a good horse will always win regardless of the jockeys abilities.

So here are a few change I would like to see in 2015 season, you can use the comments blow to shout out your suggestion and ideas for F1 rules you would like to see.

Get Rid of Double Points:

One of the most stupid rule change I have come across in high profile professional sports is when F1 announced double points for the last race of the seasons. It does not make any sense in any circumstance, F1 is at risk of getting a undeserving champion. This double points rule must go in 2015 because it does not make any sense.

“Must” use of young drivers in practice sessions:

Currently teams can use a young driver in the first practice session of every grand prix but not many teams use this opportunity as they stick with their main drivers. So in the whole F1 season one a few young drivers get a chance to impress F1 team bosses, which is not enough.

So I would love to see F1 making a rule where every team must use young drivers in certain number of grand prix free pracice sessions (FP1s). That way 11 new young drivers will get a chance to feel the real formula 1 weekend experience in most part of the season and they will get experience of different tracks.

Some sort of ranking system for teams finishing lower than 10th place:

I am not saying that current points system is bad, it works great for top 10 teams and the teams who perform consistently finish higher up the points table but there is nothing to separate team who finish lower that 10th. For example Caterham had the better car but Marussia finished higher.

So F1 should not mess with the current points system over a minor issue like that but they can introduce something like “sub-points” which can help rank the teams blow 11th and team who failed to score normal points.

[ there are a couple more rules changes I would like to talk about, which I will upate later. Until than you can use to comments below to provide your angle to the F1 scene and rules which are getting worse and worse ]

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