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Australia Grand Prix 2013 Live Stream

It is the 18th race of Formula 1 in Australian circuit Albert Park and local hero Mark Webber is amont the favourites to win the race. In the past Australian Grand Prix somehow shaped up the Formula 1 season and the upcoming race and all the drivers and teams will be going into the race with all the motivation and to get a good result not just warm up for the rest of the season.

The F1 pre-season is very much similar to the one of Football in Europe, when teams shape up for the upcoming season with getting some new players and selling the ones they dont need and pre season matches are not just marketing tools for the teams put give the team and new players or strategies to gel. Formula 1 is the same in this sense, drivers and teams go out on the tracks testing out new cars and making strategies come the 17th March all the preparation will be done and drivers will be raring to go.

Australian Grand Prix map

Lewis hamilton the youngest to ever win the Formula 1 crown has been really fast in his mercedez along with Nico Rosberg. Than we have Red Bull team have Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber who will be many people’s tip to win the Australian Grand Prix and go ont to win the Formula 1 Championship. Ferrari have the likes of Fernando Alonso who finish last season just 3 points behind the eventual winner and expert believe that he was the better driver not having the best of cars.

Than there is british driver Janson Button who have won 3 of the last 4 Australina Grand Prix and he will be racing for Mclaren who tend to do well at Albert Park. The recent few Formula 1 seasons have been superb specially the last one in 2012 when you just can not predict the result and if this season is anywhere the same like last season you dont want to miss out on any race.

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2018 Live Stream Free

We will be placing live streaming links of the race starting with warm up sessions and than on Saturday the qualifiaction live streamings and most importantly the the Race live stream, tune in here 10 15 minutes before the start of the race to get the live links.

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