2015 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix – Preview

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Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix is the first Asian Grand prix which was first held up on 1966 and then known as Orient Year Grand Prix. At very next year it renamed at Malaysian Grand Prix. But after the independence of Singapore at 1965 the race was take place on Thomson Road and renamed at Singapore Grand Prix. At 1973 it was stopped for several reason.

But on 2008 the race is started again as a part of Formula one championship and It will held up at least 2017 continually, as per the sign deal on 2012 with FIA and Singapore.

2015 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix – Overview:

Official Name              :2015 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix

Date                             : Friday, 18th Sep to Sunday 20th Sep

First Grand Prix                       : 1966

Episode Count             : 15

Location                      : Marina Bay Street Circuit

Number of Laps          : 61 Laps

Lap Record                  : 1:48.574 by SEBASTIAN VETTEL (2013)

Course                         : Lap circuit, 5.065 km (3.147 mi)

Total Distance              : 308.828 km (191.897 mi)

Graeme Lawrence have 3 race winning on Singapore Grand Prix, where he was first won at 1969, 2nd comes on 1970 and 3rd races was won by Australian Graeme Lawrence at 1971. He is the first name to won this races in 3 consecutive times on Singapore Grand Prix.

From the current player German sensation Sebastian Vettel have this races for 3 times and also on 3 consecutive times wins. On the first time at 2011, he won this title for the first time. And on 2013 he won it for 3rd time. He have also 2012 winner.

Lewis Hamilton is the current champion and that’s is his 2nd title, where he was won this title for the first time on 2009.

Sebastian Vettelsi the fastest lap record holder on this track, on the way of winning this title on 2013 he was complete his 57th lap in 1:48.574s. On the last year the lap record was 1:50.417 complete by Lewis Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton’s poll position was on last year at 1:45.681.

On 2014 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix Champion L. Hamilton take 2:00:04.795 times to finished the races from 1st and the second race winner was 3 times champion S. Vettel. He was take +13. 534s to finish the last lap. Australian D. Ricciardo have +14. 273s to finish his last lap from 3rd on the list.

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