Formula 1 Gran Premio D’italia 2015 – Preview

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Formula 1 Gran Premio D’italia 2015 – Preview

Former European Grand Prix event of Formula One since 1923-1938. And It is held each year as a part of Formula 1 Championship since 1950, when it was first held at Imola on 1950. Since 1980 Formula 1 Gran Premio D’italia continuously help up on Monza except.

This year this Formula 1 race will be held up from Friday, 04th Sep to Sunday 06th Sep. on Friday there have 2 practices event, Saturday there have also a 2 practices event. And on the 6th September, Sunday the final race will be held up. It is called up that Formula 1 Gran Premio D’italia is one of the longest races on the Formula One history.

Formula 1 Gran Premio D'italia 2015 - Preview

Formula 1 Gran Premio D’italia 2015 details:

Official Name              :Formula 1 Gran Premio D’italia 2015

First Grand Prix         : 1950

Date                             : Friday, 04thSep to Sunday 06thSep

Location                      : Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Italy

Course                         : Street circuit, 5.793 km (2.710 mi)

Number of Laps          : 53 Laps

Total Distance              : 306.72 km (189.700 mi)

Lap Record                  : 1:21.046 By Rubens Barrichello (2004)

This is the 84th times in the Formula 1 history Formula 1 Gran Premio D’italia is holding ups and on the starting year of 1950 at Imola, it was held each and every year as a part of Formula 1 championship. It’s Street circuit length is5.793 km (2.710 mi) and that’s for what it is one of the longest racing track of Formula 1 so far.

British L. Hamilton is the current title winner here he have this at last year with 1:19:10.236 (sec). German N. Rosberg have the runner ups title with +3 minutes addition. And 3rd place is for Brazilian F. Massa with +25.260s.

German legend Michael Schumacher have this title for 5 times, and this is the most title winning so far. And Ferrari is the most 19 title winner as a constructor.

Michael Schumacher was won this title for the first time at 1996 and then second comes on 1998, 3rd on 2000. 4th 2003 and 5th title for Michael Schumacher comes on 2006. After him Brazilian Nelson Piquet have 2nd most 4 title, and his first title comes on 1980 and last title of him comes on 1987.

From the current player German Sebastian Vettel have most 3 title, here 2008 he have won 1st place for first time and 2013 he have won this for 3rd time. And Spanish Fernando Alonso and British L. Hamiltonhave this title 2 times. L. Hamilton is also the defending champion as well.

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