Three hat-tricks in four days for Messi

by Nicholas Salgado | Posted on Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 | 0

One Barcelona supporter came in Barcelona home field Nou Camp with a banner. In that banner the quote that was written is – “If Messi is going to play in heaven then i am ready to die right now.” this kind of love can only be expected in imagination perhaps not in real life. But that person must be very satisfied after watching Lionel Messi scoring yet another hat-trick that day.

Of course you can “So What?” he scored 3 hat-tricks in last 4 matches so it can be said that when he comes to field then he can score 3 goals with ease. its no big deal. After all the man we are talking about is Lionel Messi. One of greatest if not The Greatest player of football history.



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just yesterday Ronaldo scored another hat-trick and made the highest number of Hat-tricks in La Liga. The very next day Messi’s hat-trick brought him closer to that.

Messi and Ronaldo scoring a hat-trick in the same season isn’t very rare as well. from 2010-11 season, these two players scored a hat-trick in one week in every season. the only season this didn’t happen was in 2013-14 season.


these two superstars left everyone behind and took themselves in greater height. Even the results seem unfair for others. Ronaldo came to La Liga in 2009. From that august Messi scored 202 goals while Ronaldo has only 2 less than him. the closest goal scorer to them is Benzama, who has 80 goals. Not even half of them.

Defeating Espanyol by 5-1 isn’t a big deal for Barcelona. After 2009, Espanyol didn’t manage any win in Camp Nou. But it was Barcelona who was behind in terms of goals till 45 minutes. Sergio Garcia scored for the visitors and created chances nearly as much as Barcelona.

But thanks to an amazing left footed goal of Messi, the door of oponent’s goalpost was opened and after that the ball passed through that gate four more times. Gerard PK said – “No word is enough to describe Messi. He gave us so much, i really think we can never describe in words what he has done for us.”

Rakitic said that – “I know this is always been repeated for a long time but he really is different than any other player.”

Enrique said about this match – “Messi didn’t only scored today. He created opportunity to score and also helped in defense.”

The other two goals was scored by Gerard PK and Pedro in the match against Espanyol.

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