Lateef Kayode Vs Nick Kisner (Boxing): Live stream, Information, statistics, records, TV channel list, Watch online, Preview

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Lateef Kayode VS Nick Kisner – preview

Lateef Kayode Vs Nick Kisner

Match Information –

Match of – Lateef Kayode Vs Nick Kisner (Boxing live stream online on telecasting TV Channel to free watch)

Type – Heavyweight

Date – 29th May 2015

Time – 10:00 pm ET

Venue – W.C. Handy Pavilion Memphis

Place – Tennessee, USA

TV Channels –

CBS, NBC, Box Nations and many more channels will be showing this match live throughout the world. The match will also be available on the internet. Thus anyone with a valid internet connection can watch this match live throughout the world.

Information –

Here is all the useful information about both boxers –

Lateef Kayode –

Height – 187 cm

Reach – 196 cm

Nickname – Power

Stance – Orthodox

Record –

  • Bouts – 22
  • Wins – 20
  • Loss – 0
  • Draw – 0
  • Abandoned – 2
  • KO – 16

Nick Kisner –

Height – 180 cm

Alias – Slick

Stance – Orthodox

Record –

  • Matches – 16
  • Wins – 14
  • KO – 5
  • Loss – 1
  • Draw – 1

Preview –

Nick Kisner is faced with a tough challenge as he will have to take on one of the toughest fighter in the arena. However, he is no slouch either. His career may be new compared to his opponents but he has shown great courage and is known for his cunning skillful way of fighting. This may be a tough fight for him but not an impossible fight and thus if he fights with all he got then he can hope for something positive from this as well. However, it doesn’t change the fact that he is the underdog in this match.

Lateef Kayode is a very hard puncher. 70%+ KO rate proves that he is a really good puncher. Also he can take hits and stand up again. He is a good fighter and he will be playing this match as the favorite. In terms of pure power, he is far ahead of his opponent and if he can continue to fight like that then he will be able to pull a win from this match. However, in a fight the one with the strongest will wins in the end. Thus he must be very careful with what he does and then he can hope for an easy win in this match.

Prediction –

We predict that Lateef kayode will win this match.

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