How Much Money Boxers Made By Fighting Floyd Mayweather ?

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Mayweather is a top draw in the boxing scene at the moment, every fighter in his weight division would love to get a shot at Maywaether and thats mainly because of the purse they get and a glimmer of hope that one of them will be the lucky one to break Mayweather’s unbeaten record and put their name into the history books. Though so far boxers who fought mayweather could only made money out of fighting mayweather, nothing else. So how much money Mayweather’s last 10 opponents made ? lets take a look. We will rank the fights according to the money the opposition fighter made.

#1. Oscar De La Hoya ($58m)

Total PPV buys: 2.7 million
Total revenue: $136 million
De la Hoya Purse: $35 Million

De La Hoya vs Mayeather is the highest grossing PPV fight of the 21st century, and 2nd best of all times. Mayweather defeated 6 division champions De la Hoya in MGM arena las vegas and took him a massive purse compared to De La Hoye who got $35 Million.

#2. Canelo Saul Alvarez ($12m)

Alvarez Fight Purse: $5 million
Mexican TV Rights: $7 Million

Alvarez was widely regarded as the toughest fighter Mayweather fought going into the fight, but the result was pretty much a mis match throughout the 12 rounds. Mexican was too slow and flat footed for floyd and never troubled him. Though he will be happy with his career best fight purse where he was granteed a $5 million purse plus Mexican tv rights and world rights share took his earning from the fight to massive $12 Million.

#3. Ricky Hatton ($12m)

Hatton Purse: $6-8 million Guranteed
Share: $4 million
Total: $12 Million

Hatton was regarded as the best boxer to come up against Mayeather from outside USA when they fought back in 2007. Floyds earnings from this fight was around $38 million in total while Hatton also made big money mainly because of the TV rights deals from UK plus his guranteed earnings.

#4. Miguel Cotto ($8m)

Cotto Purse:  $8 Million

Cotto put up a good show against mayweather when the both fight back in 2011. Miguel Cotto the puerto rican boxer took the best out of Mayweather but never looked like defeating pound for pound king Mayweather. But even with the loss he took home more than $8 million in revenue.

#5. Zab Judah ($7m)

Many experts believe Zab Judah gave Mayweather the most trouble from all the fighters he has fought. He almost knocked down mayweather but fight slipped away from Judah’s hands in the later round. Zab took home guaranteed $3 Million plus the share of revenue which came around $4 million for Zab.

#6. Shane Mosley ($6.7m)

Total PPV sale revnue: $78.3 Million
Mosley Purse: $6.7 Million

Mayweather vs Mosely was a fight which grossed quite some revnue and it is in the top 10 highest grossing fights of this century. Mayweather took home $35 Million while Mosely with his defeat took around $7 Million in total which also include guaranteed 3 Million plus 3.7 Million in revenue share.

#7. Juan Manuel Marquez ($3.8m)

Juan Manuel Marque Purse: Guranteed $3.2 Million plus $600,000 for mayweather failing to match weight.

Mayweather had to pay $600,000 as fine when he failed to reach the agreed weight against Marquez and went on to win the fight which grossed over $40 million in revenue from which Marques got $3.8 million in total.

#8. Robert Guerrero ($3m)

#9. Victor Ortiz ($2m)

#10. Carlos Baldomir ($1.6m)

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