David Haye vs Tyson Fury Predictions

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Two of the brtish heavyweight giants will be going head to head in what could be the biggest fight in Briton for quite sometime, David “Haymaker” Haye will be taking on Tyson Fury an up and coming boxer who is fighting at top of his game at the moment, the deal is signed, contract is done, date is set to 14 September 2013 tickets are announced, press conference is done, now we have couple of months where we will hear somthing new from either camp, mockery, abuse and what not but one thing is for sure this fight has got United Kingdom excited. But who is going to win ? any predicitions ?

Who is going to win ?
When I imagine the fight in my mind I see Haye being too technical, quick and powerful and Haye winning the fight via a knockout, but Fury has a small chance if he can survive the first 6 rounds.
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Fury vs Haye Fight Preview:
David Haye who retired after a horrible loss to Wladimir Klitschko back in 2010, he came out of retirement at the end of 2011 and fought Derech Chisora and knocked him cold, while he was gunning for the older of the klitschko’s he signed a deal to fight Maneul Carr but withdrew through injury, and here comes Tyson Fury with his big talks and all and he got Haye into signing a contract to a fight which worth around 10 Millions pounds.

Tyson Fury Net WorthTyson Fury (21-0-0)
24 year old Tyson Fury is a brash, arrogant character who has a big mouth and hails himself as the greatest boxer ever, but boxing fan dont get into it much, his career record stands at 21-0-0 with 15 knockout to his name so far. He is big 6.9 feet giant, who is powerfull but a little bit clumsy but do has this intimidating size which to be honest he dont user much to his advantage, in his last fight he was knocked down by steve Cunningham but got up and beat him on points

Can he beat David Haye ? He has to put together the best performence of his career to do that in his 21 unbeaten fights he has never face an opponent as clever as Haye and techinchal superior than him.

David Haye Earning per fightDavid Haye (28-0-2)
32 Year old Haye is a very gifted boxer, his technique is very solid and much better than Fury he has size, age and height disadvantage when compared to Fury but his experience of past big fights and ring smart mind can get him a win over Fury which will setup a World title fight against either the Klitschko’s next year.

Can David Haye beat Fury ? Yes he has all the ammunation to come good in this fight, Fury is big strong but he is no Klitschko and David Haye has all the experience in the world to do catch Fury of guard.

What ever the result of this fight is, one thing is for sure there is a huge interest in this fight already in UK, and as both the fighters are throwing Verbal shots at each either, come the last few days it will be the most talked about event in UK.

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