Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah Fight 27 April 2013 Live Updates

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Garcia vs Judah Live Stream

Much Anticipated fight between two american boxers Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah is the one to watch out for on 28th April 2012 it will be on the same night as Amir Khan vs Julio Diaz and since Khan is fighting first and if he wins that result might a impact on this fights winner which is most likely Danny Garcia and if Khan and Garcia both win their respective fights we might see the much talked about rematch between Khan vs Garcia.

Anyway, first up we have to look forward to Danny Garcia going head to head against the bad boy Zab Judah and this fight has already created alot of hype in the boxing world after the first conference when all hell broke lose as Angel Garica got down to his dirty tactics and big mouth and so called “truth hurts” thing and Zab Judah being himself jump into it and it was all fight and if we gonna get anything like that in the ring, boy oh boy we are in business than. Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah Live stream

Danny garcia vs Zab Judah Tale of the Tape:

Danny Garcia Career Record: (25-0, 16 KOs) Garcia have made a quite a name for himself in the last 2-3 fights =, where he twice beat Eric Morales and the big scalp was that Amir Khan knock out which announced Garcia at World Stage. He is a very powerfull guy, who is not technichally as sound as some other big names but he make up for that as hard working boxer.

Both the camps are saying some words against each other is it the part of promotion or its just bad feelings among them, probably its just Danny Garcia’s father trying to sell the fight and trying to be at the center of attention. This fight looks good on the card with Zab who has already passed his prime is one gifted boxer who can do some damage to anyone and as we know he was the only boxer who troubled Mayweather.

Zab Judah Career Record Zab Judah (42-7, 29 KOs) is known as inconsistant and unpredictable he has all the skills and experience in his arsenal but just need a cool head on his shoulders. Although he is 35 now and that is not helping and he will go into the fight as underdog.

Angel Garcia vs Zab Judah Fight Video in Press Conference – the Brawl

Danny garcia’s father is trying to do the same thing he did with Amir Khan before fight and that is to provoke Zab Judah and thats exactly what happened in Press conference as Zab lost his cool and got into the trap. Khan admitted after the lose to Garcia that Angel Garcia’s talks got under his skin and he wanted to punsh Garcia, that is where he fell short. here are some videos of the Press Conference and build up to the fight so far.

Zab Judah Talks about Garcia fight, Injury and lifestyle

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