Danny Garcia vs Lucas Matthysse Replay Video Highlights

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Garcia vs Matthysse fight tickets

Danny Garcia vs Lucas Matthysse – Full Fight Download
Date: 14 September 2013 – Time: 10:30 PST
Venue: MGM Grand Arena, Los Vegas

Danny Garcia vs Lucas Matthysse Fight Download Video

Fight is on 14th September and it will be in the undercard of the main event and we will have the download links for the whole fight of Garcia vs Matthysse and the main event of Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez. So bookmark this page and visit here after the fight to get the round by round video plus the downloadable links for the full fight.

Full Fight Video

So here we are just 1 day to go when Danny Garcia takes on Lucas Matthysse in the undercard of the Mayweather vs Canelo fight, it will be massive night for boxing fans and its very hard to predict how things are going to pan out in both the big fights. Garcia vs Matthysse is more of a power punching fight and both the fighters have that “one punch” chance to win the fight, many expert dont believe that this fight will go the distance one of the fighter is going to knock out.

Danny Garcia father has labeled Lucas Matthysse as average boxer, and just another fighter in front of his son Danny, who says that if Matthysse has power he has it too and if Matthysse lost his guard for 1 second Danny Garcia is going to knock him out while Matthysse camp is not so vocal mainl because of the language barrier but Matthysse did say that he wont let the fight go to judges decision after his two losses where he was robbed against Zab Judah and Devon Alxendar.


Danny Garcia vs Lucas Matthysse Fight Predictions

Lucas Matthysse is favourite of many in this fight, his pinaple shots are supposed to knock danny out but we should not forget that even Danny Garcia has that powerfull left hook which can show stars to many opponents. But in this one I am going with Lucas Matthysse, and finaly Garcia bubble will burst and he will comeback as a better boxer.

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