Miguel Cotto vs Sergio Martinez Purse Split (Share)

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Thursday, May 29th, 2014 | 0

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Puerto Rico hotshot Miguel Cotto will be taking on Argentina’s best boxer in Sergio Martinez on 07th June 2014 and this is a fight which has “grudge match” written all over it, both the fighters dont like each and if you have seen the build up videos and shows you would know that they actualy hate each other, but that is a good thing for the promotion of what will be a massive fight next week.

But Who is Getting What in Terms of Purse split?

When the fight was made it was rumoured that Miguel Cotto will be making around $15 million from this fight against Martinez but that proved to be a wrong figure by a margin. Although Miguel Cotto was offered $10 million to fight Canelo Alvarez but he choose to fight Martinez for the PPV event at Madison Square Garden. So what are the exact figures of the purse split.

Since Migeul Cotto is the bigger draw he will be getting the bigger chunk of the $15million fight purse and taking home a massive $9million while Martinez will get $6million. Cotto has fought 9 times at Madison Square Garden while Sergio Martinze has never fought in “Mecca” of boxing and Cotto brings alot more fans base infect there is huge population of Puerto Ricans in New York City. So here are the details of the purse ( but this is just rumoured figures)

Miguel Cotto vs Sergio Martinze Purse Details
Total Fight Purse Purse Split Miguel Cotto Purse Sergio Martinez Purse
$15 million 60/40% $9million $6million
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