Broner vs Maidana 2014 Rematch Date

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Broner vs Maidana II rematch dates 2014One fight of the year in 2013 we saw a big upset, well atleast in the eyes of Broner fans, when Maidana beat the skill out of Adrien Broner in december 14 event. Since the fight Broner has been undercover and there is no interview post fight and its been a month since Maidana’s ego got a big hit. Now what we learned from the boxing media is that Maidana-Broner contract had a clause where Broner could immedialty trigger rematch clause if he lose and thats what he has done.

Maidana vs Broner II Rematch – Confirmed ?

Golden Boy’s Richard Schaefer has confirmed on the twitter that Adrien Broner would like to use his clause of a rematch. THe exact dates and venues are still to be confirmed as well as the Marcos Maidana side of theory.

Adrien Broner vs Marcos Maidana II – The Ramtch
FIGHT Dates Alt Date Venue
Broner vs Maidana II 19 April 2014 26 April 2014 California or San Antonio


Like we said before Adriend Broner has a clause in this first fight contract where he can get an immediate rematch if he losses and Now Marcos Maidana has to accept the challenge according to the contract details.

The rematch might take place on either 19th April 2014 or 26 April 2014 in either StubHub Center in Carson, California Alamodome in San Antonio.

Adrien Broner vs Marcos Maidana Live streamMaidana vs Broner II Tickets

Tickets for rematch will be available once the fight has been confirmed and it will be in couple of weeks time. So you can tune in here after the fight to get the ticket information.

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