Anthony Crolla Attacked In His Home, Left Hospitalized

by Rory Kernaghan | Posted on Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 | 0

anthony crolla attacked

WBO inter-continental lightweight champion Anthony Crolla attacked and left for dead…..

It’s been a tough year for boxing in 2014, and not because of the lack of fights. Jamie Moore was shot, Kell Brook was stabbed, and now we learn that Anthony Crolla was left for dead by attackers at his home last night. Crolla was scheduled to fight for the world title against Richar Abril in January.

The attack happened after Crolla went to intervene on a burglary in his neighbouring house. The thieves allegedly hit Crolla with a concrete slab over the head, leaving a large gash and fracturing his skull. He will require surgery on his head, and also on a broken ankle he sustained in the scuffle.

His promoter, Eddie Hearn says that his family and friends are devastated to learn of the attack in Manchester, England, and that his fighter’s championship fight will obviously be postponed until further notice.

You’d hope that Crolla’s injuries are not career threatening, and also we all wish him a fast recovery. No word yet on whether the culprits in the Anthony Crolla attack have been identified by police.

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