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by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 | 0

On 27th April 2013 we will have some big boxing fights one of them is between AMir Khan who is on his way to recovery after couple of bad defeats in last year or so. His win against Carlos Molina was nothing but a one sided affair and this is a same kind of fight as his promotors are building him up for another title shot which might well be Khan’s last chance to revive his dooming careen in sort of boxing.

he will be fighting Julio Diaz who have not beaten anyone of note and his good fights were few and far in last 3 years, on top of that Khan is fighting in UK and he will go into the fight as hot favorite knowing a defeat in this match might end his career as the top flight boxer. What is important here is that although on paper this fight looks one sided but a win here for Khan and he will be ready to go against the good title ranked boxer.

It has become more of a tournament of five boxers, on the same night as Khan Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah will happen and winner of the that fight will be going up against the winner of Mathyesse vs Peterson fight and than the winners of those two fights will bea going head to head and winner of that bout will fight Amir Khan which is a great oppertunity for Khan to get back what he has lost in last couple of years.

Amir Khan vs Julio Diaz Fight Tickets

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