British And Irish Lions vs Wallabies Live 2013 Tour Down Under

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British & Irish Lions will be traveling to Australia for the upcoming 2013 tour which includes 9 matches in different parts of Australia and 2 test matches against Wallabies. British and Irish Lion rugby team will start their 2013 tour with a game against BARBARIANS in hong kong and you can tune in here to watch the full match live and highlights here. British & Irish Lions tour to down under has always been very important in rugby calender and this year is no different and since the Rugby League World Cup is coming up later this year it will be a good prepartion for the British lions.

While after the hong kong game they will move to Australia where they will play matches against the clubs and the Austalian nations side, for the full schedule please scroll down as we have place all the needed information, about matches dates, Venues and tickets.

[ Watch 4 Nations Rugby Live Stream here ]

Wallabies did put up a fight in the series by winning the 2nd test and taking the series result to the 3rd test, but the last game was disapointing for them, but British Lions were in no mood to give away the advantage they took in the opening minutes of the match and put together a great show in what was absolute massive tour and the win for the Lions, while Wallabies now have to wait 12 years for the next Lions Tour.

British Irishs Lions Tour 2013 Schedule – Match Highlights:

  1. Sat 1 June – 12:30 – BARBARIANS vs LIONS HIGHLIGHTS
  2. Wed 5 June – 11:00 – WESTERN FORCE vs LIONS
  3. Sat 8 June – 10:30 – QUEENSLAND REDS Vs LIONS 
  4. Tue 11 June – 10:30 – NSW-QLD COMBINED COUNTRY vs LIONS
  5. Sat 15 June – 10:30 – NSW WARATAHS vs LIONS
  6. Tue 18 June – 10:30 – ACT BRUMBIES vs LIONS 
  7. Sat 22 June – 11:00 –WALLABIES vs LIONS
  8. Tue 25 June – 10:30 – MELBOURNE REBELS vs LIONS 
  9. Sat 29 June – 11:00 – WALLABIES vs LIONS 
  10. Sat 6 July – 11:00 – WALLABIES vs LIONS 

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  • Dave

    Are you showing all the games Live and is there a fee?

  • Cormac O’Carroll

    What time zone are your poster game times, GMT, I’m streaming in from Hawaii Will the games be recorded or can we only view live. If they can be viewed at a later time or date please provide details of how to access
    Thank You. Cormac

  • Admin

    @Cormac no man they wont be recorded. just live streams. but will be posting downloadable highlights. so no worries there. just keep coming to website and use rugby category for more updates.

  • Myfanwy

    I really hope the live streaming works for me, as I couldn’t see the 6 Nations games because my cable company are idiots. p.s. I’m in Canada.

    • BJ

      I am in Canada too (BC) does this work I want to watch the lions play

      • Admin

        yes bro it will work, just comeback here 30 minutes before the match. streaming will be up and running.

  • Admin

    It will work for sure man. head to the lions vs barbarians match page and see if stream working already. 🙂

  • Guy

    Missed watching the game. Good result. Looking forward to the highlights. Will I be able to watch it on iPhone?
    Cheers for the effort.

  • Joby

    Do I need a UK VPN to watch the game in DC

  • Admin

    @ Joby now man, its free

  • danny

    why are you not showing the reds game live?

  • Admin

    @ Danny

    Live streaming was placed and it was working right here

  • Jorge

    Hi I like to watch todays game (lions vs combine) were is it?

  • Admin

    @ Jorge
    i will place the download link on the combine country vs lions match page. head over there after a while

  • Dc

    Any systems requirements? Will it stream to ipad? Thanks

    • Admin

      @ DC

      I am not sure that i will work on ipad… you can always give it a shot though and let us know if it works or not

      • Sook

        Did it work on iPad? Looking to watch third test on mine.

  • Pete

    lions v waratahs stream seems to be showing all blacks v france??

    • Admin

      and now ? lions game is up and running.. enjoy

  • Myfanwy Davies

    The first four games worked very well. I did get a few pop up ads, but I could live with them. Today I cannot get the streaming to stay on. I get 5 seconds, and then a white screen telling me to download Instant Veetle TV. Do I have to do that? Is it safe?

    • Admin

      YEs you can download veetle is safe.. big name in streaming.

      • Admin

        anyway i have replaced the stream with old servers from china 🙂 if you are happy with them

  • Ejc

    The stream won’t load now. Just has links to adverts in its place no matter how many times I refresh. Any ideas?

    • Admin

      It happen sometime specially on weekend games, loads of traffic makes things complicated. i try my best to get best streams though

  • BadgerBrown

    Hi, i can’t shift that pop up from the middle of the screen its covering the game. HOw can i get rid of it?

  • Dan

    Just want to say keep up the good work, and please post stream like the one in last match against brumbies. worked as a charm.

  • Chris Dorricott


    I am in Hong Kong will I be able to watch using my ipad or do I need to use my laptop?

    Many thanks

  • Dave Sydney

    Appreciate your hard work in setting up the link. Will we be going live shortly for this match?

    • Admin

      We are live for this match now…. enjoy.

  • Dave Sydney

    Sorry for second question. Where do you actually post the link to watch the game. Is it in my email? Here on your site somewhere?

    • Admin

      streaming is placed on this page, wait around a minute for stream to load, its a sky sports stream i will more streams if this goes down.

  • gb

    my pc system needs a plugin but my virus prog wont accept it??

  • luke

    thanks for providing the stream alot of buffering and breaks though but thanks all the same

  • Brian

    You showing the rebels game at al tonight?

  • lynda

    This is a brilliant service. thanks.

  • nathan1401

    …hey there. thanks for the streams. great work…watching in NEPAL… you mentioned a 2nd pop-up if one is lagging. how do we get those?

  • Andy

    Fantastic coverage guys thanks 🙂

  • PeterH

    Fabulous and the price is right – thanks!!

  • kellbags

    about to set my alarm in 3 hours to watch the final Lions game. Will I be able to stream it here?

  • kl

    Hi, thanks so much for this – it was working brilliantly until a few minutes ago and has now frozen! what can i do?! thanks!

  • tj

    Any chance of English commentary?

  • Don

    how do you make the main stream full screen, I cannot find the button, the view is skewed

  • Andy

    Yet again fantastic coverage….COME ON YOU LIONS 🙂

  • Myfanwy Davies

    Thank you very much for all your efforts. It was great to have the live streaming for these great matches. I hope you’ll do it again for the Autumn series and the 6 Nations.

  • Doyen

    Thanks TSM PLUG—–and congratulations for making it possible to watch live, The Lions make history.
    A fantastic win against against a brilliant Ozz team, that’s taken 16 yrs.—Little wonder Brits are ecstatic.—Four great nations drawn together as one—-Again thanks for streaming.

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